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Body Mind Spirit = Health Wealth Happiness
Still missing out on the life you want?
OK – here is the key.

Whilst this sounds all flaky and new age, this is one of life’s hidden treasures. Sometimes the most important lessons are hidden out in the open.

The problem with most New Age philosophy is that it is not complete – the basic truth is there but unfortunately not all of it. This is why most of the Law of Attraction courses fail. Most of the authors mean well but they do not have the complete picture.

Enough waffle! What do I mean?

The secret to success in life is threefold.

  • Body – If your health is poor, you cannot think past the pain and discomfort
  • Mind – If you are constantly broke, you cannot think past this limitation
  • Spirit – If you are not happy, positivity is lacking.

So, work on your life in the order of Body, Mind and then Spirit or in other words, Health, Wealth and then Happiness.


True success is Mental in nature and must have the prerequisites of a healthy body, an abundant lifestyle to create happiness which leads to the positivity that empowers the goals you set.

This lesson took me many many years of hard work to discover – the trouble is that just telling you will not help you until you are ready to have that AAHAA! moment to make it real.


I have found that most health issues stem from poor eating habits.


Wealth is attitude based. Self worth is the key here.


Positivity which is the path to success is rooted in happiness.


Balance is Everything

If your life is not balanced, difficulties will arise which will limit your progress. Strive for balance in all aspects.

A balanced diet contains enough Minerals, Vitamins and Enzymes in reasonable proportion. These can be found in both the vegan diet and that of the meat eater. Seek variety and balance will come.

Abundance is a result of a good dose of self worth. Wealth is not just lots of money – it is getting what you want when you want it. This includes knowledge, understanding, experience, money and relationships.

Happiness leads to attracting the events you need into your life. More accurately though, a happy person does not deny opportunity which is the container of success.

A broken water barrel can only hold water to the level of the lowest stave. This is the one you must fix first. If you keep pouring water into the barrel, it will only run out and you will achieve nothing. The same applies with health, wealth and happiness. Work first on the lowest then you can improve your position.

2 Responses to Body Mind Spirit

  1. subahu May 4, 2016 at 6:30 am #

    yes, beautifully explained, this is the basics of total growth and blissful life, if we cannot make balance and fix the holes in our life’s boat, it will sink anyway. we must start from our revival and rejuvenation in this order, body mind, spirit.

    if we have weak, vulnerable and deficient body, it will always prone to different attacks of deceases and unhealthy elements to suck our energy and keep us tired, sick and lethargic.

    the first level of of our total being is our body and we are most familiar and comfortable and aware about it externally, so we can only start from here, this is the foundation of our overall heath and wellness, if it is not treated and cared well, growth and nourishment in other upper level will never be fully achieved. this must be taken care first.

    we must get checked for nutritional deficiencies and other basic checkups to know internal organs health status to plan and fix deficiency and risks arising in terms of our immunity, nutrition and vulnerability towards other known deceases. thanks


  2. subahu May 4, 2016 at 6:59 am #

    its nicely described the basic course of wellness and healthy life, yes it must be in this way, we must identify and discover the holes in our life’s boat,which is made of these trio (body, mind & spirit, combined)

    and every transformation to our being start from our body, we know most about it, we are familiar with it most, externally, and this is foundation of our whole being,

    and to grow upper levels, in mind and spirit, we must have healthy, strong and fully nourished and efficient body, because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and when you have sound body and mind, u will attain all the treasure of your spirit and higher dimensions.

    its great, we must understand this equation and do according it for a fulfilled and healthy, happy life, consciousness is the key, living unconsciously is the root cause of all disturbances and sufferings.

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