Conscious Living

What is Conscious Living?

Conscious Living – Just what it says. There are two parts to this question cleverly hidden right out there in the open for all to see. The first is in the first word – Conscious. The second is the term – Life Mastery.

Put it all together and you have a way of managing your life “consciously” – creating those events that you desire to attract while avoiding those that you do not. I teach this by showing people a simple set of exercises and ways of thinking that will automatically bring the desired changes into being naturally. Kind of the lazy man’s way to success.

So what are the benefits of this? Haven’t you been listening? OK – the difference between living life as an utter flop and a monomaniacal over achiever is choice. The pleasant path is in the middle. I choose a life where I experience the things I wish with as little drama as possible.

If however, you choose manic activity or even zero activity, I can show you how to do it easier, more naturally and way more pleasantly.

Who is Bill Underwood

Bill Underwood

Bill Underwood

Hi, I am Bill Underwood.

Who am I? That is me to the left (or above if you are on a mobile phone). The beard has a life of its own – most times it is there in some form or other.

I am the guy who ends up with all of the animals and pets around him wherever he goes. For some strange reason, this bothers some folks.

I have been a student of the odd and esoteric since my birth.

I grew up in the bush many miles from town or even neighbours. My early companions were cattle dogs and other farm animals. Did this make me woodsy? You bet!

Possibly because of this, I was gifted early with the ability to converse with the unseen. My parents were very traditional country folk with very fixed opinions on what was possible (read permissible) and what was not.

I learned early to keep my thoughts to myself. Over the years, my abilities have increased and decreased with the flow of life. The interesting thing is that I seemed to learn more when I could see less.

I spent a number of years in Canberra which is an interesting place. Effectively a company town with the company being the higher Government of the country. The work life of most citizens is fairly mundane and possibly to offset this there are many groups studying all aspects of the odd and paranormal. I spent time with some of these and noticed that my abilities were returning.

As a result of this awakening, I commenced working with a well known medium acting as her support while she cleared people and places of their upset spirits.

Speaking as one who has seen the real thing, there is a lot of BS associated with this endeavour. It is necessary that this be done though, as those affected can be in quite dire straits.

The damage can be both physical as well as psychological. It is hard living under the threat of imminent attack when you cannot see the fist about to strike.

The primary lesson here is that NOBODY can change my experience but ME! Many try however and if they can convince me that they are capable, then I will experience the events of their desire.

This is the primary method of mischief of the low and not so dearly departed.

Whilst this was happening, I ran a meditation group which grew to over 170 people in a short time. At one time we changed venues 3 times in a month as the group was growing that fast. By choice, I then split the group into 5 smaller groups each with their own teacher. I am no stranger to group dynamics and teaching.

I left Canberra in 1997 and took a short contract in Hobart. A beautiful place, which I still call home.

The change of scene availed me the opportunity to avoid the New Age circuit and do some grounding and deep thinking. I noticed that the New Age beliefs are as much a religion as any other – and as much of a mental trap.

I spent the next 7 years in a form of retreat, concentrating more on the 3d world of making money. The result was that I became one of the better paid people in the contract project management arena earning twice in a day what the average earned in a week.

The catch here is that with the increasing income, came an increasing level of stress and a declining health. I had lost my earlier joy for life.

Throughout my life I have been connected with higher teachers. Some periods less than others. but always connected.

One morning, in the proverbial hour of the wolf, I realised just what I had lost and set to recover it. Every time it is different – my abilities at the moment are less than they were, but my knowledge level and intuition are way higher. I am happy with this mix as I can call on the abilities if I REALLY need to, so they are not really lost – more like put aside for the while.

The Story Behind Conscious Life Mastery

Recently, I was informed by my main teacher that it was time to make the first part of my learning available to the public. This was somewhat of a surprise as most of this was regarded as S-E-C-R-E-T. Times change and so must I. The result is this web site, and the courses associated with it.

I can be more effective in a teach the teacher situation, so I expand from a 1 man band to a strong group of teachers who are taught and qualified (certified) by me.

Prior to this time, the course material was quietly taught one to one by a master to a selected student.

The course contains techniques that were old and proven prior to the Pharaohs. Secrecy was mandatory if a student was to progress (and even stay alive in certain cases). That has changed a little and some of the material taught by the ancient order is available as a trial.

The order shall remain nameless and secret as the world is not yet ready for all of its teachings.

I am looking for students who are prepared to create a change in their lives by dedicating themselves to study and practice. Please help me make this a success.

If you truly dedicate yourself to learning, you will find the doors of success open in front of you. The question is how you use this success.

Once a student has learned a level of material, they may apply to teach it. Properly done, teaching can provide a decent income whilst a student is learning the next level.

If you would like to join and learn the truth that “thought, space and time are one“, you are welcome. If you are sincere in your efforts and motives you may also learn how to apply this understanding to make your life an unparalleled success with little effort.

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