Conscious Living

Conscious Living

Conscious Living is just that – living consciously

I have heard the concept described under a heap of different names – mindfulness is one commonly used – it consists simply of being aware of what is happening.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is a term used extensively by military and police type forces – it means being aware of what is happening around you

Conscious living is 24/7 situational awareness

The difference in the concepts is that conscious living extends the awareness into the dream-state so the goal is to be conscious and aware 24/7.

The benefits of this practice are many – it extends into all aspects of life – health, wealth and relationships are all affected. A person practising conscious living has a better control of moods and is very aware of the importance of attitude.

They are also less likely to be misled as they are practising a form of total watchfulness which monitors both inside their mind as well as being observant of what is happening nearby.

That sounds like hard work – it is not. It rapidly becomes a habit and the alertness and awareness can assist you greatly in your daily life. The first benefit is greater choice and of course you miss less opportunities. That is a real bonus.

Natural Laws

Whether we believe it or not, natural laws abound. They affect the physical, mental and spiritual components of our lives. You could even call them Universal Laws.

Someone with a high degree of awareness will have observed these laws at work and can actively include them in their daily activities to ensure more success in their endeavours.

It is all about knowing and therefore understanding more of life. This leads to better understanding so problem solving is enhanced and so many more opportunities open up for you. Sort of a win / win snowball.

Be a lert – the world needs more lerts.

Yes – a bit cheesy I know – but true nonetheless.

This section of the site will spend some time and space covering how to use conscious living in all aspects of your daily life. I think the buzzword is “holistic approach”. Whatever – it works and that is enough for me.

The Basic Discipline of Conscious Living

We are talking about being watchful, mindful, aware 24/7. So how do I do it?

The Monkey Mind

Initially the mind is undisciplined and continuously chatters to itself. This babble is likened to the noise of a troop of monkeys in the jungle which is constant and meaningless (sometimes even to the monkeys).

The first exercise is one called “The Sacred Watcher”. Nothing new here for those who have followed any Self Development path.

The Sacred Watcher

The Sacred Watcher is an interim technique used to assist a user of the mind to become aware of its habits and patterns. It can help reduce the amount of useless chatter in the mind. This is what is known as “shooting the monkey”.

Shooting the Monkey

The most obvious benefit is that you are no longer a slave to mood and emotion.

What is needed is to imagine a little you sitting on your shoulder who can see everything including what you are thinking. Do not confuse this with the conscience – different guy (or gal).

Now you are conscious of both your actions and your thoughts. There is a “smart” you and the everyday you. The smart you – the watcher – does just that – only watches. In a very short time you will be able to identify more with the watcher and see your behaviour through his or her eyes.

The task of the Sacred Watcher is not to change your actions or thoughts – simply to help you become more aware of them.

I will expand on this concept later – but it is important to know it exists

The Benefits of Conscious Living

Well what can I say? There are many. The most obvious is that you are no longer a slave to mood and emotion.

The next most obvious is that you are able to spot opportunity much easier (and earlier) and are more aware so do not fall for as many of life’s little traps.

Because you are more aware of yourself, you are more sensitive to your overall health and emotional state. You are also able to use intelligence as a tool.

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