Conscious Living

Thought , Time, and Space are One

Now that sounds deep!

Truth is, in my experience it is true. It takes a little head work to grasp but it is one of those things that has as many levels as you are prepared to put the effort into, and understanding each level pays off big time.

So what does this mean?

It is the basis for the Law of Cause and Effect and so each of the other laws are covered – particularly the Law of Attraction.

Maybe I should put this together in a course called “The Nature of the Mind” and of course the price would have to be $42. (A reference to The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for those not of my generation – the answer to “Life, The Universe and Everything was 42.)

The core of the thing is this – the “I AM” is the only true me.

The mind is a tool used to interpret the outer world consisting of the body and then the geography (the world outside the body).

Think on this a moment – we say “my body” and “my mind”. This would imply strongly that “I” am neither of these, but consider them to be a form of owned property. This holds true in all languages by the way so it is somewhat of a world wide secret right out there in the open.

So, how is this the core of the Universal Laws? Just as the mind reports the state of the great outside to us, we are able to instruct the mind to change the great outside. How many times have you heard the sages say that “It is ALL Illusion”? This would imply that the “Great Outside” is little more than a digital map that is interpreted by the mind which reports to us (the I AM).

The Law of Cause and Effect then would state that the original cause was a desire by the I to see and use the map. All that happened thereafter is a result of that desire. (Thus was born the Law of Attraction and a host of other reflections of Cause and Effect)

The mind interprets the map into a more visual representation for us to experience. Not all of us experience the same map in a similar way – just asking people what colour they see a full moon has returned answers from a very light red, through a blue to a light gold. If something as commonplace as the moon has so many options, what about other deeper things?

Wow – this leads to a whole new way of thinking – it seems to be the basis of most of the religions to date. It certainly has a Buddhist flavour, Jesus spoke about something similar as did Odin and Thor and many others.

It puts a new perspective on the Law of Cause and Effect and so could be the missing piece in the Law of Attraction that all of the modern gurus have been babbling about.

All I need to do now is to work out how to communicate instructions clearly to the mind …

This is an interesting one to follow – PLEASE put your thoughts in the comment box below (what ever colour it is) and we will see just where this goes.

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