The Basic Self

You may consider the 3 selves concept as a useful construct to understand the living conscious inner working of the body, mind and spirit. In my personal experience the 3 levels do exist and are intelligent. They are available for communication if the correct processes are followed.

Esoterically speaking the Basic Self or Inner Child is the earliest stage of human soul evolution associated with this level. The Inner Child will evolve in time to the Conscious Self and then to the Higher Self before taking higher duties.

Western systems have the basic self or inner child as the sub-conscious mind. What you call it doesn’t matter but you must be aware that it exists and serves a vital role in your life as a living conscious component.

The Living Conscious Controlling Mechanism of Your Body

The Basic Self is the controlling mechanism for your body – It listens constantly to your feelings on a topic, more than your words and will bring your physical and emotional needs into being – IF it trusts you.

The subconscious manages the overall health, mental acuity and access to your memory. A few moments thought will show that if the basic self is not happy, it can rapidly mess with your immune systems, your health and therefore the speed and accuracy of your mental systems.

Communication is best achieved by visualisation and feeling.

Relationship with the Basic Self

Overall it is very loyal and hard working but if pushed too far will begin to inform you that it is not happy by presenting you with assorted aches and pains. You must then address your weakened relationship to recover any level of health.

The Inner Child only asks 2 things in return for its service:

  • That it can trust you
  • That you Love it

Really they are one. If you take care of your body, feed it well, exercise it and care for it then you love it. This is what the eastern religions mean when they discuss the body temple.

Communicating with the Basic Self

Communication is best achieved by visualisation and feeling. There are many methods available but the simplest is the evergreen “walk in the woods” style meditation. This self is a great listener but not a great talker. Be very careful of the content of your inner chatter.

It does not recognise negative references. To say “I do not wish to be fat” is parsed to “I” yep – that is me, “do” ok an action follows, “not” a filler word – ignore, “wish” another filler word – ignore, “to” yet another filler word, “be” ok a definition coming – listen up, “fat” a condition – yep I can do that. So the phrase is boiled down to “I fat” which is an instruction or request that the subconscious can easily organise since it owns the chemistry of the body.

This is the reason that a positive attitude and clear phraseology is important. Say instead “My body is happy, healthy and attractive” – this parses very differently.

It is all very well doing a set of affirmations each day to “program” the subconscious, but belief is critical. There is no gain if you make say 20 positive statements about some subject but over the course of the day make a further 200 countermanding the request. The numbers do count.

How would you feel if you were in a similar situation and your supervisor just simply could not settle on the colour of the widget you were to manufacture? I want it blue – I want it red – I want it green , no red – wait make that black. What are you going to do? Probably do nothing or give him or her the one that was most requested.

Any method rich in feeling and imagery will work.

One Response to The Basic Self

  1. Loyal Butterfly May 25, 2014 at 11:08 am #

    I was looking for a definition of Basic Self so I could explain Gina to people, thank you! This is nicely written. Gosh, no comments? You need some.
    I am a 49 year old man and I created personality facets and gave them names. No one understands this except people who study psychology, who are fascinated. Everyone else thinks it is pathological, or at least weird. But what do they know?
    So I have a “character” named Gina who is a 17 year old girl and she “owns” my body and my overall mood and attitude. If I don’t eat enough, she gets pissy and makes life hell for me. If I eat, and get outside and exercise and have fun, it is great. She loves to go shopping, but all I have to do is buy something hot pink or purple, it could cost $1, and she is happy all day. It is so easy to get along with her.
    So to me, that is having a relationship with my Basic Self. I don’t have to do everything she wants, and she trusts me because I LISTEN! I acknowledge and CARE! I take her seriously. But there is a BS meter too, because I can only say so many times that something is important, and if I don’t somehow back it up, then she gets depressed. This makes it hard with things that involve other people. Like, having a warm body to curl up with at night is REALLY important, and I can’t just go scoop someone up and do that. Not sure why people are so stuck up about that. Maybe because they are afraid of their Basic Self? So after a while of having no girlfriend, etc, it is rough.
    Few girlfriends understand having more close people inside than outside. But that is not my fault.
    No I do not have multiple personality disorder – all my parts get along just great. It is a game. Life is supposed to be fun.

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