The Higher Self

The higher self is the transcendent aspect of ourselves that may be considered as a “guardian angel”. It is the higher and wiser part of ourselves.

The higher self is responsible for our guidance and provides opportunity for learning experience for the Conscious Self.

Esoterically speaking, it is the spiritual body and is associated with the brow and crown chakras.

I believe that the higher self is our immortal component. As such it plans each life to include experiences that enable growth. Ever patient, it assists us by offering opportunities and experiences.

There is some confusion as to whether the higher self is a teacher assigned to a life or is part of the soul associated with the life. My feeling is that it is part of my soul, but I have no proof here apart from a gut feeling.

The Higher Self and the Basic Self

As stated before, the higher self uses the communication channels of the basic self to communicate with the conscious self. It exists on a higher plane than our consciousness and so needs something at this level to carry its messages. At this stage in our evolution, we can only hear the local frequencies (our internal receiver has only a few channels).

Because it exists in a higher plane, it has access to the stuff of life and is able to manipulate and manifest material items, relationships and events. To it everything at the physical level is an image that it holds in its mind.

If it wants to change or create something, it simply changes the image slightly. This is possibly a bit higher than we need for this page.

The key here is to listen for its messages. They will come when our mind is quiet in the form of understanding and intuition. Often described as the “small quiet voice within” they warn or offer guidance that “now is a good time” to do something which when done will lead to an opportunity opening.

The higher self has a broader view of what is happening around us and will see or create connections that can be advantageous. It then opens the communications channel (the basic self) to inform us (the conscious self). If we are living consciously we will receive the message, otherwise we miss out.

It is at the higher level that our manifestations are created. The Superconscious mind changes its image of us to include the thing relationship or experience. In time the image densifies and becomes real at our level.

What are we here for?

We are here to experience all that we can – nothing more. The higher self learns from our experiences and after sorting passes the refined learning to the soul. Achievement is important as it carries with it many positive experiences. Negative experiences are valuable, but only as a learning tool.

My definition of Karma is quite different to the traditional. I see karma as “the difference between where we are and where we need to go”. In other words, we need to learn X, what experiences do we need to provide that learning? Many view karma as payback for past sins – true only in that we are in need of experience to learn to avoid that sort of behaviour in the future.

The word sin is an old English archery term which meant “to miss the mark”. I bet that puts a different complexion on a lot of things doesn’t it.

We are here to experience all that we can – nothing more – there is no “good” and there is no “bad”. There is only learning.

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