The Need for Balance – Body Mind Spirit

The Way of Balance is best described as maintaining a conscious balance of the three aspects of mankind. These are body mind spirit or in other words:

Esoteric tradition has it that the basic self enters the body just after conception and the conscious self enters just prior to birth. The higher self is associated well before conception and plays a role in determining the major events of the life to be, selecting a body that is most suitable for the soul to dispel karma and learn the needed lessons.

Much has been written about the function and responsibility of each of these aspects. You may consider the 3 levels to be a useful psychological construct defining the main archetypal components.

These aspects are known by a number of names. It is amazing that so many people have realised the trinity and named them according to their own belief systems. Some of these are:

  • Body Mind Spirit
  • Basic Self, Conscious Self and Higher Self
  • Unconscious mind, Conscious mind and Superconscious mind
  • from the huna (Hawaiian) – unihipili (hidden spirit that serves another), uhane (talking Self), and the aumakua (older, entirely trustworthy, parental spirit)
  • from the Hebrew – nephesh (animal soul), nechamah (breath soul), and ruach (spirit)

Balance of the Body Mind Spirit components is critical for success and a happy life. Consider a person who is mainly mental in nature, who is very analytical. It is clear to see that this person is not going to be overly healthy, happy or spiritual.

A Symbiotic Relationship

The 3 selves form a symbiotic relationship. If the relationship does not blossom, the whole system will suffer. There is a great need for balance here.

The Basic Self

Best known as the inner child or subconscious, the basic self is responsible for the autonomic (automatic) functions of the body as well as the more primal emotions associated with the survival and health of the body.

This part is responsible for the health of the body. It is the reason that a poor mindset will degrade the health. How often have you seen people who complain regularly that they ALWAYS get colds and flu, who never sleep well, who have all sorts of allergies, etc?

The complaints have instructed the basic self to create these problems. Whether you see the basic self as a conscious component or the unconscious part of your mind, it will still manage your body according to the instructions given to it.

Experiencing the Basic Self

To tune in to the basic self, recall a time when you had a strong hunch about someone or something. Feel how your body responds to the memory. Feel the signals given to you (the conscious self) by the basic self.

The Conscious Self

Conscious intellect or thought drives this self – it is most associated with the intellect and as such is fairly unemotional – its function is to provide conscious direction of experiences. It serves as the centre for logic reason and discrimination.

Experiencing the Conscious Self

Watch yourself now, observe your intellectual processes at work as you learn and reason.

The Higher Self

The Higher Self is also known as the super conscious and the god within.

Joy, Happiness, Love and experiencing the transcendent aspects of life are a result of communion with the Higher Self. It exists to provide the opportunities for the conscious and basic selves.

The higher self is the radiant aspect of the three selves. It will remind the conscious self of the limitless opportunities available when reaching beyond the material levels and the conscious mind.

Experience the Higher Self

Tune into your heart and your higher feelings, remember the last time you were ecstatically happy, when you felt inspired. This is your higher self communicating with you “in the space between your thoughts”.


It becomes obvious quickly that there needs to be a balance between the aspects of life. Warriors of old knew that they faced death daily. They knew that when they faced a razor sharp sword that they must be complete in all aspects – mind, body and spirit.

If they were not in top form physically, the opposition was stronger, they were in danger of losing.

If they became emotional, their concentration would suffer and this would give the opposition an edge, an opportunity.

If they were afraid or had fear, it would slow them and they would lose quickly.

The Warriors’ Way

The need for preparedness of mind, body and spirit was taught to all of the elite warriors – even now – so that they would perform at their best. This is also true now in all walks of life. We must be at optimum performance, whether we push a broom or run a mega-corporation.

This is the way to true and lasting happiness.

One Response to The Need for Balance – Body Mind Spirit

  1. Loyal Butterfly May 25, 2014 at 11:50 am #

    What I have to ask, is: why is this not common knowledge? And why do the people I see who do know it seem to only apply it at a “top” conscious level? Why are they not living it? It is like ketchup poured over a book, it doesn’t sink in.
    I live it. I delve in to how parts of myself see, experience, respond, desire, grow. I help my various parts do what they are good at, and work together. This gives me an edge, not in competing with others, but in cooperating and living with them.
    Why do other people in this (USA) culture not want to live together? Lonliness is the biggest problem that people here face, and it is wrecking health and happiness, but everyone is too stuck-up to move in to a house with another person?
    Dr. Patricia Love says, “We get the Partner we deserve.” Apparently, most people deserve (or want?) no one. So then I wonder about myself. To me, being with other people is Life. And, I live alone? What is up with that? Is it “them”, or “me”?
    Regarding Balance – sex really is an OK thing to do with other people. It is normal and natural. Jealousy and being exclusive are not normal. Thinking so highly of yourself that you demand unremitting loyalty from another person is not holy, it is pure selfishness. “Forsaking all others” may have a place when starting a family, but otherwise, it is the most evil idea that has ever been uttered by humankind. It is completely a falsehood and a sin against Love. Get over yourself! You are not SO important that you can have this picture. You are “One Among Many”. Join the world.
    If you don’t want children, there are oodles of ways to accomplish that. Diseases come from people having sex with sheep (syphilis) or monkeys (AIDS). Find a human being! There are billions to choose from. Most of them are very lonely and would appreciate the chance to love and give love.

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