Conscious Living

Bill Underwood

Bill Underwood

by Bill Underwood

“Imagine having the ability to create your life as you wish it. A thing of beauty. The balance of fun and purpose is completely up to you. You understand that, to you at least, that life is only a tool, a whim. You use it as you wish and know that whatever you want, whenever you want, that you can have as much as you want.”

Conscious Living

What is this book about?

This book is about the basics of life in this realm and the path to mastery. It covers the basics in a simple, easy to understand way. It is a primer for any seeker or student of life.

I have attempted to offer the answers to some of the most annoying “Why” questions. To do this, I have covered the following topics in sufficient detail to provide a basic understanding:

  • Conscious Living
  • The Goal of Conscious Living
  • The Nature of Reality
  • The Nature of the Mind
  • The Nature of the Body
  • The Nature of Relationships
  • Universal Laws
  • The Now
  • Of Cycles, Loops and Mergers
  • Destiny Management
  • The Nature of Guides
  • The Prime Tenet
  • I AM, Mind, Body, Geography
  • The Development Path

The web sites, and will provide further information – or at least give you a direction to start your search.


I have noticed that the general knowledge of esoteric and life skills is decreasing. This is strange as I thought that with all of the information available, in books and on the internet that people would be more aware. It really bugs me when I am asked a question by someone who seems fairly intelligent, who simply does not know the basics.

This is not their failing.

As much as I like to bag out the residents of Canberra, their knowledge level was good in the 1900s – more happening I guess. I have been told that even there the knowledge level is dropping. It may be something as simple as supply and demand, along with a bundle of not so subtle societal programming.

When I lived in Canberra, there were a number of good teachers available. It seems that they have either died out or moved on. It all goes in cycles and we seem to be at the low ebb in 2014.

It would seem that I now have a new task in life for the next decade or so – Education.

Who is it for?

If you are a student of life and are asking that most difficult of all questions – WHY? – then this book is for you.

Is it Difficult to Understand?

I certainly hope not – There are some concepts that may take a bit to get your head around – it is presented as simply as I can.