Conscious Living
Any book written about spiritual development contains material that is provable only by experience. You must do the work on trust to gain the experience at the end.

The quality of the material is critical. This means that the author must have done the work already. Books written on hearsay and guesswork may read well, but have little chance of creating a result for the reader.

It is my experience that regular contact with a guide or teacher is necessary to develop in any significant way.

There are many obstacles to be found on this path, which requires a strong desire to succeed and an inquisitive mind.

You will hit the wall at times and must have the fortitude to push on, often only on faith. Your sincerity will be tested regularly, as will your confidence. Stay with it, it truly is worth the heartache. Success means absolute freedom and joy.

I have tried to keep this book very pragmatic with little fluff, so that the serious student can get straight to the core of the matter.

Despite the apparent complexity, the development path is simple, not obvious, but simple.

There is one thing to be very aware of – the truth varies.

What? You say – how can this be so? OK here is the layout. The “physics” or rules operate differently at different frequencies – and – at different levels of understanding. This is particularly so when discussing reality and the mind. I have 2 very different discussions on the mind here – both are correct – each from a certain point of view. They are almost mutually exclusive – but both true nonetheless.

Where I have discovered similar material in already published works, I have adapted my names and terms to those existing works. I hope that this will reduce the number of new terms and confusion.

Bill Underwood