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Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs: I believe that building a life is very similar to building a house. We must pour good solid foundations first before we move on to the walls etc

Hierarchy of Needs

I have structured this site to address these needs. At their simplest they are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

Now before you jump on me from a great height – we need to break things up to more easily digest them – this is my approach.

The original concept for the Hierarchy of Needs was developed by a man called Abraham Harold Maslow in 1958.

There is a level below health dealing with immediate needs for air, food and water etc. I have not addressed this as anyone suffocating in a desert is not likely to be interested in the web.

The next level to address is health. If our health is challenged, we are unable to perform our best at any endeavour – so – we need to fix that first!

Obviously, we need to address each level fully before we can move to the levels above.

This concept is quite useful as it provides a structure for us to work with when it can all seem too much. We really do need to address the lower needs first. This provides a simple priority list of Hierarchy of Needs.


Health is a fundamental limiting component of our life. If it is challenged, we are unable to properly address any other aspect of our existence.


Happiness does not just contain the mood – in my thinking it contains most of the non-physical aspects of our lives such as:

As without these being suitably addressed, we are not happy.


Whilst I address wealth as the accumulation of material goods, it is not.

A better definition would be abundance, as abundance includes increased opportunity and the attraction of fulfilling events into our life.

I break Wealth into the following topics:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investing 101
  • Mindset

The most important here is Mindset as without the investor’s mindset, the other parts are as nothing. They will never be realised.

Conscious Living

Conscious Living is a process whereby we can improve each of the aspects of our life. It provides both direction and feedback to assist our progress.

One Response to Hierarchy of Needs

  1. Loyal Butterfly May 25, 2014 at 12:18 pm #

    OK, so relationships.
    It is NOT normal for human beings to sleep by themselves. Leaving aside the issues of sex, we are not supposed to be alone so much. Nowhere in nature do people go off to sleep alone at night, it is absurd. Only a person nobody wants to be around would have to do that. So why do we force on our Basic Self this perception of “I am horrid and no one wants to be near me”?
    Forcing babies to sleep without touch in another room is like locking a child in solitary confinement – what Nelson Mandela described as the worst form of torture that can be inflicted on a person. Why would we do this to our children? Babies are not designed to be set down. They are designed to be held and pressed against the body 24 hours a day. Get help! Have some other people to help you! Not every person needs to make babies. Either have them, or help someone who does.
    But by no means conceive this horrific idea that living alone and sleeping by yourself is proper or right or normal, and least of all healthy. It is not. Touch is a NEED. Breaking News! Just discovered! It only took us 1,000,000 years to figure this out! Wow! How stupid are we? My dog is smarter than that.
    So, maybe the reason most people are so driven to achieve things that they do not really need is because this one very fundamental need is going unmet. No matter how much water you pour in the barrel, the hole is way at the bottom. Find another lonely person and sleep with them. If they smell, take them in the bath and wash them, they will probably love it. Cut their hair, go shopping with to find them better clothes, and make a nice meal for them to enjoy with you. Next week, find someone else. This is being a Hetaira. It is built in to every person.

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