Universal Laws

Law of Momentum

The Law of Momentum is possibly the simplest yet hardest of the Universal Laws. It states that “There can be no change without movement“.

Simply put, if you want a change to occur, you must push for it.

Effort = Energy
so no effort equals no energy change which means no material change.

Note that I said energy change, this means that energy must be added or removed from a system in order to create change.

  • Add energy to create a positive outcome – something new
  • Remove energy in the case of a bad habit – just don’t do it!

In any case you must exert some effort to make change – if you do nothing, nothing will change.

Another way of looking at Law of Momentum is the old saying that
“The definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different outcome”

This is definitely a law where Work Smart – Not Hard applies. The trick here is to direct the energy.

Simply put, if you want a change to occur, you must push for it.
Effort = Energy,
so no energy change means no change.

Understanding the Law of Momentum

Give a bit of thought to how you intend to create your chosen outcome when creating your plan of action. There is always a simpler, easier way of doing things.

Sure – this does come with experience, BUT you must do the thinking sometime.

Once you have worked out the smartest plan of action, put it into motion immediately. Do not wait and sabotage yourself by analysis paralysis.

The other thing that I would suggest is REVIEW your progress regularly.

Review your Progress

If you plough head on into things regularly without some thought, it is likely that you will find yourself expending far more energy than is really needed.

Set aside a period each week for reflection and consider what you have attempted and what you have achieved. If you have achieved a big result – well done – congratulate yourself and think about what you did. Never berate yourself for failure – mistakes are a learning opportunity.

Keep it positive – only attract positive outcomes.

During your review process consider other ways you may have used to achieve your goals. Often a simpler way will pop up – this is great! Now you know what to do next time.

Things will always take their own time

If something is slow in coming to fruition – that is OK. Events will always take their own time to manifest. Remember hindsight is 20/20. There is always a reason that an event appeared when it did. It is rarely obvious until after the event as to why it took just so long.

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