Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple and strict. We do not like our details being distributed so we don't do it to you.

On occasion the government has other ideas and as they are bigger than us, we must comply with their requests. If we are required to give them information we promise to let you know what they require and when. If we consider their request not to be a fair call we WILL challenge them.

We do not keep a lot of information about you. We do need a certain amount to ensure we know who is buying what and how you are paying, as well as what has been bought and when. That is pretty much it. This is the same info that any store would collect when selling and delivering you a book.

If you want to see what information we are storing send an giving us your preferred delivery address and method. We will then ring you back to ensure that it is you making the request. If we need to do a lot of work to meet your request or your phone call costs are outrageous, then we may charge a fair fee for this service.

The only people who will see your details are our staff, who need to know what you order. Occasionally we will send you emails pertaining to new products, special promotions or newsletter if you have given us permission.

That is it.