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Bill Underwood
Bill Underwood


I am Bill Underwood, the founder of About Conscious Living. That is me to the left (or above if you are on a mobile phone). The beard has a life of its own – most times it is there in some form or other.

The world has been changing quite rapidly around us and if we are to continue here, we need to increase our understanding globally.

We all need understanding of the underlying rules of life so that we may be more complete, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and materially. In order to flourish we need food and shelter as well as a more pleasant lifestyle.

This is where we come in. We can provide those who are interested with the necessary understanding to live a significant life on the planet.

We teach personal development as well as design and management of rural property, all of which I have personal experience with.

These are all skills needed in the coming times.

Our Values


We are transparent in all of our dealings. This ensures that people know where they stand with us.


We are committed to providing the knowledge resources necessary to assist humanity through the current and coming changes


Empowerment is critical to our staff and to our readers.

Over Delivery

As part of our commitment to service to others before self, we deliver more than we promise. Often it is simple but it is powerfull.

Our Service to You

Our Blog

The blog covers a range of topics designed to help you understand the rules of life and what is going on behind the scenes. You need to know the rules if you wish to play the game of life. The site is a little eclectic but so is life.

The Library

The library contains classics about attracting and managing money. These are usefull systems which, if followed, will provide results. Life can be improved with sufficient financial abundance. Everybody needs more money and comfort.

Education tree


We have free and paid courses under development that will provide you with a useable understanding of how this life and planet work. Our goal is to assist you to a life that is meaningful and significant.