Competition vs Cooperation

The Sage says – We are all one! So what did he mean?
The western way is that there is only one winner in a race – that is so untrue! In every aspect of our lives, we are only seeking to improve our personal best. The other people in the race are only props to make it more interesting – they really are of no import.
Competition is somewhat false. Cooperation allows all concerned to achieve. This is very true in the markets of finance as well.

A Need to Know

A phrase bandied about in military and spy movies – I mean something totally different!
Do you have a deep NEED to know, a burning desire to understand, an unsatisfied curiosity?
You will never know unless you move toward understanding – you must seek the answers aggressively – This will set in motion The One law – The Law of Cause and Effect. Your desire will fuel the creation of opportunity to access the knowledge and transmute it into understanding. The process that many call manifestation.

Body Mind Spirit

Body Mind Spirit = Health Wealth Happiness
Still missing out on the life you want? OK – here is the key.
This is one of life’s hidden treasures. Sometimes the most important lessons are hidden out in the open. The problem with most New Age philosophy is that it is not complete – the basic truth is there but unfortunately not all of it. This is why most of the Law of Attraction courses fail. Most of the authors mean well but they do not have the complete picture.

Attitude is Everything

Attitude controls your thought processes, which in turn control your reality Your attitude will filter the events you experience. If a person is in a totally negative frame of mind, he or she can be walking down a road paved with gold and see only dirty yellow stone. Alternatively, they can be skipping down a yellow brick road on a beautiful warm day and notice perfectly ripe fruit growing on the side of the road. Attitude is EVERYTHING!