There are many aspects of happiness – all must be addressed. Happiness is the best indicator of a low stave in our life. The water barrel shown cannot hold any water past the level of the lowest stave. Look for things that we are most unhappy about and address them first. There is little point in working on our strengths or lesser weaknesses when it is our base weaknesses that are pulling us down.
We cannot improve our life until we increase the height of the lowest stave past the height of the second lowest. Our barrel can then hold more water.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Abraham Harold Maslow ( 1st April, 1908 – 8th June, 1970) was an American psychologist who described a structure of human needs grouped as Deficiency Needs and Growth Needs.
Each lower need must be met before moving to the next level. A need must be satisfied in order to move on to the next. If at some future time a deficiency is detected, the individual will act to remove the deficiency. This theory does assume that we have an inborn desire to improve our lot.

Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs: I believe that building a life is very similar to building a house. We must pour good solid foundations first before we move on to the walls etc
I have structured this site to address these needs. At their simplest they are Health, Wealth, Relationships and Completion. Now before you jump on me from a great height – we need to break things up to more easily digest them – this is my approach. The original concept for the Hierarchy of Needs was developed by a man called Abraham Harold Maslow in 1958.