What is an Oracle?

An Oracle is any object or system of divination which enables communication with the divine. Most Oracles are a set of symbols, which are sufficiently flexible to form a language. The important thing is not the form, but the richness of the language.
Nature Oracles are used by tribal people in the Pacific islands and throughout Indonesia and likely South America. The Europeans had a whole language based around flowers and plants based upon their looks and properties. The Oracle of Delphi was a priestess medium.

The Higher Self

The higher self is the transcendent aspect of ourselves. It is the higher and wiser part of ourselves and is responsible for our guidance and provides opportunity for learning experience for the Conscious Self. Esoterically speaking, it is the spiritual body and is associated with the brow and crown chakras. I believe that the higher self is our immortal component. Ever patient, it assists us by offering opportunities and experiences. It communicates with us via the basic self.

The Conscious Self

The conscious self is the thinking part of us. It is the part that we are most familiar with and apart from the body, usually call “Me”.
It is responsible for intellect, discernment, decision making and the majority of actions of the person. Esoterically speaking, the Conscious Self is associated with the Mental body and the Heart Chakra. You cannot communicate directly with the higher self, you must do via the basic self – so get that relationship right.

The Basic Self

Esoterically speaking the Basic Self or Inner Child is the earliest stage of human soul evolution associated with this level. The Inner Child will evolve in time to the Conscious Self and then to the Higher Self before taking higher duties. You may consider the 3 selves concept as a useful construct to understand the living conscious inner working of the body, mind and spirit. In my personal experience the 3 levels do exist and are intelligent. They are available for communication if the correct processes are followed.