The Nature of Nature

Nature would have to be the most misunderstood force on the planet. The nature kingdom consists of a very large number of highly intelligent beings undergoing their own path of evolution. They each have a unique set of duties to both maintain life on the planet and to move things in a specified direction. Nature has a plan extending over millions of years – they will follow it to the letter – they must.

Back to Nature

Esoteric – Back to Nature. How the nature kingdom evolves and the task assigned them. The nature elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water team up to merge as a complete 4 fold. This a powerful being who must now choose between the Paths of Service and Being. How they are integral to the functioning of the Law of Attraction. A story of experience with nature elementals and learning how they evolve.


Karma is that set of experiences necessary for us to learn the next lesson in our learning path. It is one of those things that is very misunderstood – until it hits you between the eyes. Many see it as payback. I see it as directed learning. Experience these events to develop the skill and understanding to achieve an outcome. This universe is only interested in experience and learning. Payback is pointless unless there is a clear lesson in the suffering.

Focus, Understanding & Belief

There is no such thing as mental or psychic strength. It takes the same amount of effort to move a feather as a mountain. What does vary though, is the amount of confidence, focus and understanding people have. This is often incorrectly reported as strength. In a way I suppose it is a form of strength, the strength of our belief and confidence in ourself. The thing here is to see what is – not what we would like. This opens our future to contain all that is possible so we may choose what we experience.