The Loop System

Loop time relates to a property of time and space used by our teachers and guides to provide a method of learning without wasting linear time. We learn best by repetition. I call this the Loop system, we get to try, try and try again until we get it right. For most, Linear time is a limited resource, there are only 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour.
Belief can open the consciousness to all sorts of new experiences, and make all sorts of things invisible if they cannot exist.

This Reality

In this Reality, to truly succeed we need to know the rules of the game and the lay of the land. A short list of components contains Frequency, Time, Size, Parallel Existences and Phases – an infinity of infinities. Imagine trying to play a game of cards when we do not know the meaning or function of part of the pack. Same story – we may not have an immediate use for some cards, but it is nice to know what they can do. Just occasionally life gives you an opportunity to trump the deck.

Parallel Existences

We are here to experience as many possibilities as can be. In response the universe has provided Parallel Existences where this can be so.
It is my understanding that parallel existences are created around key events. This will enable us to experience all opportunities – Life with this person, life with that person, I take this career choice, I try another career choice.


This one is simple common sense, backed by observation.
First thing to understand – some of us can see a little past the end of our noses. Picture an atom – a nucleus with a set of electrons in orbit – look familiar? Change your viewpoint and you have a planetary system or even a universe if you up-scale to a molecule.


What is a phase?
Consider a matrix of eight sided figures stacked in an n dimensional space so that each is touching eight other figures. Each face is a separate reality with all of the usual properties, parallels, time, frequency, size etc. Now change one fundamental physical property in each phase. It may be the speed of light or the action of gravity, it totally varies so as to grant us a whole new set of experiences.