The New Age

A phrase everybody knows,but who understands it?Christianity and Islam came upon this world with fire and sword and their impact upon the nature religions of the New World was devastating. This conundrum has faced mankind many times – every time we move from one age to the next.Ask the Bull priests of the Minoan culture as the age of Taurus closed. Ask the minor religions of Rome and the Middle Eastern countries as the age of the fish came crashing in.Do not expect utopia – we are not there yet!

Economic Failure

Economic Failure.The Western World has been overspending, over consuming resources,and living above its means for over a century now,particularly the US.This is normal for any period of change. A society’s roots must fail to allow the emergence of the new system. We are about to see the end of the money concept and the financial system.The next step in the journey of the naked ape will see a more pleasant future.It becomes important now to understand the rules,to be very observant and aware.

The Great Turning

The Great Turning from Empire to Earth Community. Joanna Macy curates a blog “The Great Turning” which provided me with some great thinking. As a society we are beginning another change. We started as hunter gatherers, moved through the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, the information age and now are moving toward earth community. This will instigate a change to a greener, more bucolic lifestyle, a major upheaval in the monetary system and sensible automation.