The Basic Self

Esoterically speaking the Basic Self or Inner Child is the earliest stage of human soul evolution associated with this level. The Inner Child will evolve in time to the Conscious Self and then to the Higher Self before taking higher duties. You may consider the 3 selves concept as a useful construct to understand the living conscious inner working of the body, mind and spirit. In my personal experience the 3 levels do exist and are intelligent. They are available for communication if the correct processes are followed.

The Need for Balance – Body Mind Spirit

The Way of Balance is best described as maintaining a conscious balance of man’s three aspects of body mind and spirit. The 3 selves form a symbiotic relationship. If the relationship does not blossom, the whole system will suffer. There is a great need for balance here. Warriors of old knew that they faced death daily. They knew that when they faced a razor sharp sword that they must be complete in all aspects – mind, body and spirit. The balance necessary for them to perform at their best.

Esoteric – The Seen and the Unseen

In this 3D space we sense a very limited range of frequencies – the seen. There are MANY more out there. Those we cannot sense are the unseen. Now having stated the obvious, why is it so? Frequencies are available to us if we have sensory equipment active there that is connected to us. Outside that range, we have the equipment, but it is not connected to us. Good thing too, we would face total sensory overload otherwise. In truth we see all but our processes dismiss that surplus to our needs.

About Esoterica

Esoteric knowledge is defined as being owned by the few – the learned or the worthy – Pardon me but this is utter bovine excreta – It is for those who can open their mind and see past the end of their noses.
What I offer here is the fundamental knowledge that is the critical key to comfortable survival through the coming crises. This is not just theory or new age myth – it is a result of much research on the part of many people over many lives. I have verified it for my own purposes.


The word esoteric means hidden or uncommon knowledge. This section contains some of the old teachings. Nothing too far out but definitely not mainstream. It is interesting that once a person starts to explore their mind there are the big questions of “Why” and “How Does That Work?”. Esoteric knowledge can definately improve your life as it is a look behind the curtain of the Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance.