The Vegan Solution

This one is going to push a few buttons – so – here we go.A diet heavy in animal protein is expensive to produce in terms of money, land and water. Likely it has very expensive karma as well.Forget for the moment any ethical component and look only at a simple distribution exercise. The amount of grain currently produced on the planet will feed the human population easily, but much is destroyed or allowed to rot for economics sake.A rethink is needed – badly.

The Root of the Change

We are now in a period of growth and social change combined with weather change and geological upheaval.It is difficult to see the big picture. It has all happened before and “this too shall pass”. It will be a bit interesting to live through though. We do need to work out what is coming so we can manage its effects.At the threshold of each change there is a period of upset. The entrance of the new will cause upset in all systems thus the saying that it is always darkest before the dawn.

The New Paradigm

The New Paradigm All things change – so we must change to keep up. As mentioned in “The Perfect Storm” we have changes underway that involve the spiritual aspect, economic situation, climate and the geology of the planet – all at once. With this happening, we need to constantly adjust to a very fluid situation.Conscious Living is about the only way I can see that will give us a chance of keeping up.This leads me to the New Paradigm – a new way of thinking