Parallel Existences

We are here to experience as many possibilities as can be. In response the universe has provided Parallel Existences where this can be so.
It is my understanding that parallel existences are created around key events. This will enable us to experience all opportunities – Life with this person, life with that person, I take this career choice, I try another career choice.


This one is simple common sense, backed by observation.
First thing to understand – some of us can see a little past the end of our noses. Picture an atom – a nucleus with a set of electrons in orbit – look familiar? Change your viewpoint and you have a planetary system or even a universe if you up-scale to a molecule.


What is a phase?
Consider a matrix of eight sided figures stacked in an n dimensional space so that each is touching eight other figures. Each face is a separate reality with all of the usual properties, parallels, time, frequency, size etc. Now change one fundamental physical property in each phase. It may be the speed of light or the action of gravity, it totally varies so as to grant us a whole new set of experiences.


Time is frequency dependent, it ceases to exist above the mid astral. Now there is an opportunity – part of our existence experiences time whilst the remainder does not. We use time to protect us while we are learning skills that are potentially hazardous so that when we have mastered them, we can use them where instant manifestation is important.


There are an infinite number of frequency bands or vibrations. The obvious ones are sound and light. There are way more. We live within a fairly limited set of frequencies. We feel solids because both frequencies are close. We hear and sometimes feel sound. We see light and feel the lower part of that range as heat. These frequencies are very close compared with the range of Octaves of Existence. When we range up through astral, mental spiritual and causal, the numbers become fairly large.

About Time

We feel that “time is speeding up” – an obvious impossibility when looked at from the point of definition – but IT IS! An hour is the time taken for the hour hand on a clock to make one revolution. What happens if the main drive cog of the clock is changed? The period for one revolution changes! From our point of view time cannot change – but – we exist in time as well as above it. A quirk of this reality. Time is not linear AND we can reuse time. As time speeds up, we experience higher evolution, on the downward phase we return to the dark ages.

I AM – Mind – Body – Geography

The only thing that truly exists in this and every other reality, high or low, is the consciousness. Everything else is a tool designed to help us experience. This is the mind. The mind needs a repository to store its version of what is. This is a map (of sorts). The mind interprets the map and presents the experience to the consciousness. The consciousness communicates with something – the mind, it has a body (defined in the map) and that body inhabits some form of geography (also defined by the map).

Thought , Time, and Space are One

Thought , Time, and Space are One. In my experience it is true. It takes a little head work to grasp but it is one of those things that has as many levels as you are prepared to put the effort into, and understanding each level pays off big time. It is the basis for the Law of Cause and Effect and so each of the other laws are covered – particularly the Law of Attraction. The mind is a tool used to interpret the outer world consisting of the body and then the geography (the world outside the body).

The Nature of the Mind

Just what do we mean when we say “My mind”? I have a theory – Unprovable – that the real me is the thinking part of me. Let’s call it the I AM. Others have called it the ID, the soul and a dozen other names. I believe that the I AM is all there is to me. My mind is a tool, an interface to these 4 dimensions (I include time here). With that said, the body and the environment are creations of the mind. They are what the mind tells the I they are. We are here to gather experience which equates to learning.

Some Experiences with the Nature Kingdom

A couple of stories of my experiences with the Nature Kingdom. Nature spirits are willing to assist you day to day if you show respect. One story how they helped me and another is what happens if you cross them. When dealing with the nature kingdom, remember that they have a very different culture. They are much more aware of what is than we are. Their minds are clearer and more pure than ours. We do really live in a dream. They are much more attuned with the cycle of the seasons, with life and death.