Create Lifestyle Change with Systems

Lifestyle Change Systems make life easier – they provide the answer when things get confused or stressed. I have always found that I need to know where I am before I can begin to organise my future. This is best done with a form of life audit. Simply speaking, I write down everything about where I am now and the changes I need to make sort of jump out at me.
What do you want to change and what do you want to change it to? Maintain a positive mindset which is critical to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

What is Conscious Living?

Conscious living defines the state of mindfulness, awareness and perception. This site is about having more situational awareness and how to use it to your advantage. So what are the benefits of this? The difference between living life as an utter flop and a monomaniacal over achiever is choice. The pleasant path is in the middle. I choose a life where I experience the things I wish with as little drama as possible.

The Development Path

Personal development and improvement are hard wired into our psyche. It is something we do naturally. The development path is not known well – mostly we wing it. Here I offer a well proven path to development that has stood the test of time with many people for thousands of years – it is the instinctive path that most do not see.
The tricksy part of this process is that truth changes as we progress. Each step we overcome will change our understanding and viewpoint. It is all correct – from a certain point of view.

The Nature of the Body

We have many subtle bodies. This article explains the bodies and gives you an idea what the Astral Body, Etheric Body, Mental Body, Spiritual Body, Causal Body look like to some people. The bodies reside at many frequencies. Different levels need different tools so the senses were evolved. The frequency zone around each of these senses grows more specialised and becomes a functional component body. Each body becomes a node of consciousness with its own sensory organs. Here we describe some of the more local bodies, their purpose and function.

Transition Between Religion and Spirituality

Religion is a starting point on the path of spiritual development
You are never asked or expected to leave behind your faith, no matter what it be. It is your starting point. Why would your God ever ask that you turn your back on his or her way? The most important function of any religion is to provide a code of behaviour and the understanding that we are loved and protected by God so that we may grow in the understanding of his (or her) wishes.

Mind Games

We are all familiar with the fact that people play games – often cruel games – with each other.The most common games are related to the sharing and stealing of life energy – everybody knows a vampire – someone who just flat out drains you. The games take the form of dominance manipulation. The basis is old psychology. Nothing new here. It has been written about many times with a twist to make it appear new.
Conscious Living will enable you to spot the game well before you succumb.

Life is Like a Fish Trap

What a statement! How can life be like a fish trap?
The thing is that when a fish swims into the trap it is his very nature that keeps him trapped. He wants to get out – but – looks to the edges of the trap furthest from the centre to exit, and of course, there are no holes there.
Is a fish stupid? Not necessarily – they have been around for longer than we have.
The result is that the fish perpetually swims around the edges of the trap seeking an exit.

It is ALL about Me!

Pretty arrogant statement huh? – Only on the surface. I myself can change nothing, EXCEPT MYSELF. When I change myself, I change my world. I see things in a different way, things that once really bugged me now are small stuff. Besides which, it is poor form to try to change other people to our mould. Better we change ourselves. Let us work on what is possible.
Yep – that is right – It is ALL about Me! Now before you get all jumpy – particularly on me – let’s look at this thing.

Competition vs Cooperation

The Sage says – We are all one! So what did he mean?
The western way is that there is only one winner in a race – that is so untrue! In every aspect of our lives, we are only seeking to improve our personal best. The other people in the race are only props to make it more interesting – they really are of no import.
Competition is somewhat false. Cooperation allows all concerned to achieve. This is very true in the markets of finance as well.

A Need to Know

A phrase bandied about in military and spy movies – I mean something totally different!
Do you have a deep NEED to know, a burning desire to understand, an unsatisfied curiosity?
You will never know unless you move toward understanding – you must seek the answers aggressively – This will set in motion The One law – The Law of Cause and Effect. Your desire will fuel the creation of opportunity to access the knowledge and transmute it into understanding. The process that many call manifestation.