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Competition vs Cooperation

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The Sage says – We are all one!
So what did he mean?

The western way is that there is only one winner in a race – that is so untrue! In every aspect of our lives, we are only seeking to improve our personal best. The other people in the race are only props to make it more interesting – they really are of no import – be nice to them.

Competition is somewhat false.

Cooperation allows all concerned to achieve.

Do you feel proud and elated when you did not achieve because you stopped on the wayside for a smoke? Or even if you did win. You did not put your all into it. Even if you came last in the race – if you put every effort into it – YOU FINISHED.

Ok, next time you will improve your speed and that will feel good as well. But YOU FINISHED!

Competition is somewhat false. Cooperation allows all concerned to achieve. This is very true in the markets of finance as well.

How many times have you heard the term “zero sum game”? It is used regularly by competitive people who believe that there is a finite quantity of some commodity and they want it all.

Sorry to disappoint you folks, there is always enough for all. You are only leading yourself into a trap. Lack is not a nice place to be.

There is only one form of competition that has any value – competing with your personal best.

Defeating another person is pointless – there will always be people who are better than you and those who are not as good as you in any endeavour.

These people exist so that you may learn from those who are better than you and you may also learn by mentoring those who are not.

Observation is critical here – are you trying to compete or cooperate? Competition is ego based and has led this world into the military and economic mess that it is now. It has damaged the environment and will devastate it unless we learn to cooperate on all levels – for the good of all.

Since we are all one – that means for the good of us.

Of ME and when you think about it – IT IS ALL ABOUT ME!! I will leave you to go to that blog post to explain that one.

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue this as a series of posts.

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