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It is ALL about Me!

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Pretty arrogant statement huh? – Only on the surface.

I myself can change nothing, EXCEPT MYSELF. When I change myself, I change my world. I see things in a different way, things that once really bugged me now are small stuff. Besides which, it is poor form to try to change other people to our mould. Better we change ourselves. Let us work on what is possible.

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Pretty arrogant statement huh? – Only on the surface.

It is the basis of Conscious Living. She did not say that it was the literal truth – only that it was an approach to understanding the way of the world. I have found that there are so many levels of understanding in this one that it is a path all of its own!

The Figment Theory

Yep – that is right – It is ALL about Me! Now before you get all jumpy – particularly on me – let’s look at this thing.

A good number of years ago, a teacher of mine explained something called “The Figment Theory” to me. It is a way of looking at life that takes some thought and adjustment, but when grasped does improve things immensely. The Figment Theory states that:

All other things and people are but figments of my imagination created by me to learn from.

Looking at my post “Thought, Time and Space are one” will give you a shortcut to a number of levels deeper. It has taken me some 15 years to gain this insight – bit slow huh? Maybe I should create that course.

Now I understand that that @#$%^^%# nuisance is really providing me a worthwhile service. He/She is specifically targeting some of the areas in my life that need to be addressed and providing a measuring stick as to how I am going as regards addressing that aspect. Does he still annoy me? how, why and how much? This equals how much more work I need to do and on what.

I know that when I have fully addressed what is in me that he is stirring up, he will no longer exist in my life and when he does return at a later date as a test, he will have no power to bother me as I will have dealt with that part of my being.

So there – It IS all about ME!

Does this make me arrogant, uppity and full of myself – I definitely hope not. If that were the case, then I would be inviting another nuisance / teacher into my life to assist me to rectify those personality problems.

This is a bit like the lesson in Life is Like a Fish Trap. The answer here is to turn inward to find the exit.

It is interesting watching someone who has not progressed. Their ability to wind me up is totally diminished compared to what it was when they last visited – at least in that aspect. There is no point in attacking or being mean to my figments – they really have no reason for existence beyond assisting me. They may not know it, but they are really helping me to progress through the course of this life.

The other thing is that life would be boring without a little &^%*$#&%#$ rubbing me up the wrong way. Nothing for me to get my teeth into. So, hey – bring it on!

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue this as a series of posts.

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