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Life is Like a Fish Trap

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What a statement! How can life be like a fish trap?
The thing is that when a fish swims into the trap it is his very nature that keeps him trapped. He wants to get out – but – looks to the edges of the trap furthest from the centre to exit, and of course, there are no holes there.
Is a fish stupid? Not necessarily – they have been around for longer than we have.
The result is that the fish perpetually swims around the edges of the trap seeking an exit.

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Put this into context

to escape the fish needs to turn inward to the centre of the trap to find the end of the funnel he swam in through. His nature prevents this. Out is that way – not deeper into the trap!

The key words here are “turn inward”.

Does this apply to us?

Does this apply to humans? You bet! We know that there has to be a way out of life’s little traps – but try as we might, we cannot seem to find one. The fact that occasionally someone lucks out and does find a solution is a hopeful sign. There IS a way out!

It is just that these people were not looking for the end of the funnel – more likely they were taking a direct path to the other end and fluked the hole.

OK – we know that there is a way out, now we need to work it out. Logic does not work as we are missing pieces of the puzzle.

What is the difference between abundance and wealth?

We need to better understand our nature. What is the difference between abundance and wealth?

It all comes back to the old saw that it is better to give a man a fishing rod than a fish – we are so marine today! There is something in this though. Once we understand that we too need to turn inwards to find a solution we are on the right track – or at least one of them. Many fish traps have multiple entrances.

What does this mean to us? There are obviously a number of paths out – just as there are a number of paths in.

We need to use a different part of our mind. The 3D logical part is the trap, so we need to think in a different way. That is tricky.

Some people try to find the way using religion – could work for some but not too many – so we put that into the box that is marked as “accidental success”.

We need to look around for a group of people who have a higher success rate. Who are they? How do they think? What is different about them?

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue this as a series of posts.

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