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Conscious Living - About Conscious LivingPersonal development and improvement are hard wired into our psyche. It is something we do naturally. The development path is not known well – mostly we wing it. Here I offer a well proven path to development that has stood the test of time with many people for thousands of years – it is the instinctive path that most do not see.
The tricksy part of this process is that truth changes as we progress. Each step we overcome will change our understanding and viewpoint. It is all correct – from a certain point of view.

Imagine having the ability to create your life as you wish it. A thing of beauty. The balance of fun and purpose is completely up to you. You understand that, to you at least, that life is only a tool, a whim. You use it as you wish and know that whatever you want, whenever you want, that you can have as much as you want.

Our path to mastery is simple – not obvious but simple. Mastery is our first step out of kindergarten.


What is Mastery?

Mastery is the ability to interface consciously with the universe and create events, items, and relationships as desired.

One of the meanings of the Yin Yang symbol concerns the achievement of mastery.

Our evolution starts with the path to dark mastery (Psychic) and once achieved, we move to light mastery (Mental). After this, we walk the middle path and balance Dark and Light and achieve Spiritual mastery.

Simply put, a dark master has control of the psychic / astral realms. A light master has mastered the Mental realms. Completion of the middle path grants balance and mastery of the Spiritual realms. The interesting part is that we loose memory of our evolution at the physical level each life, so as not to lean on our previously honed abilities and delay our development.

We must master both our light and dark aspects prior to graduating as a full master.

Light and dark in this context are concerned with the inward flow of energy (dark) and the outward flow (light). These are not good and bad – we must know all aspects to be complete. The nature of this realm is duality. On a larger level we have black holes and suns – all the same.

“Your focus determines your reality.”Star Wars Movie

Once we have completed the left and right paths, we get to tackle the middle path. The small dots of opposite colour refer to the reversal during the transition. If we are approaching the dark mastery, we must undergo a strong light experience.

Just as if we are approaching light mastery, we must undergo a dark experience. Think of it this way. The dark is the inflow of energy – the selfish path. Just prior to mastery, the most selfish thing we can do is to be selfless to complete the journey. If we are approaching light mastery, we must be selfish to gain light mastery.

Completion of the middle path requires a balance of both light and dark. Remember – DO NOT JUDGE! We must know all and experience all.

The seat of consciousness

The seat of consciousness is “where we are at”, the place of the most vigorous activity and cognisance. In some people this may be the physical / emotional, in many the mental, in others it will be the spiritual. It is very rare that the seat of consciousness rests solely in one body. It generally operates in a range or cloud centred on one of the bodies, moving with our mood and energy levels.

As the centre or seat of consciousness rises through the bodies with evolution and development, it uses different support systems. For example, we do not remember spiritual level events in the physical and mental bodies as the storage method for the spiritual body is above the frequency of the aura. This is in truth a kindness and saves us much angst.

A map of the territory

Typically, we activate the senses associated with the lower bodies first, then, as we progress higher in understanding, we activate the higher senses and abilities. This provides a general order of abilities; however, not everyone follows the same path. Some people activate certain abilities earlier or later depending upon their perceived needs and understanding.

Often an ability will develop then disappear – it will only distract from further development elsewhere – it does return stronger at the appropriate time – just not when we think we need it.

The usual order is:

  1. Astral Projection
  2. Psychic Telepathy
  3. Conscious Manifestation
  4. Telekinesis
  5. Spiritual or Real Telepathy
  6. Morphing or Changing Shape
  7. Realms and Realities (Sliding & looping)
  8. Psychic Teleportation
  9. Spiritual Teleportation
  10. Precipitation

Astral Projection

Astral projection moves your consciousness to the higher plane within the current Plane of Existence. Here you can interact and talk with your guides on a one to one basis. This higher plane is also a training ground where you learn skills before your physical body can use them


Telepathy is the ability to communicate via the medium of “thought” and closely associated with this is the ability to see the higher frequencies. This would include the higher bodies as well as higher beings.


Manifestation is the method by which reality is modified.

Manifestation involves time. Precipitation is the spiritual version of the ability and is therefore timeless.


Telekinesis is the ability to move things with the mind.

In truth, telekinesis is a specific aspect of manifestation as the reality is changed by movement rather than creation.

Morphing or changing the body

Morphing is that part of the manifestation process that affects the body.

The body is the first part of the reality the consciousness experiences and so is often affected by good and bad habits. This unconscious morphing is part of the disease known as old-age. Once a student has clear access to The Now it is relatively easy to modify the body in small or large ways. It is possible to change the body in any way we choose – Remember the Prime Tenet.

Realms and Realities

Sliding is the ability to travel between existences.

These may be potential futures, parallel universes, phases or indeed realities. Obviously, to travel between realities will utilise a difference set of abilities to merely swapping parallel universes.

My first remembered experience of sliding came in Sydney in 1995. I was travelling between Westmead and Penrith via the Western Motorway. As I approached the motorway it was in its usual peak hour state, resembling a 30 kilometre long parking station. I was in a hurry and so was not impressed with the concept of waiting. I said to my Self “there has to be a better way – show me”. Continuing down the on ramp I calmly noticed that the traffic had cleared and that the motorway was now quite clear.

As I left the motorway at the Penrith exit I felt a full body shiver and looked behind me in the rear vision mirror, to see the 30 kilometre long car park still stationary. It was only at this point that I realised what I had done (what my guides had shown me).


Teleportation is the ability to move within a reality without covering the intervening distance.

As you would expect, there are two versions, psychic Teleportation which involves time and true or spiritual Teleportation which does not.

What are my tools?

The path to enlightenment requires an enquiring mindset with detachment, discipline, clarity and balance. In short – ATTITUDE.

A very useful practice to improve the attitude is to say aloud “What manner of adventure do you have in store for me today?” as you rise from your bed each day.


Non attachment to outcomes engenders an attitude of acceptance of whatever life throws at us. Couple this with the desire needed to create better conditions for both self and the universe and a powerful balance is achieved.


Discipline is achieved by meditation. Initially, development has a strong mental component so the aspects of confidence and faith are critical.


Clarity is achieved by purification of the mind and body.


A balance must be found between the day to day existence and spiritual development and all Yin and Yang aspects of life.


It is necessary to be curious and enquiring about all facets of life here and in other levels.

Your guides are there to answer questions even though they would much rather operate from behind the scenes. Maintain an open relationship with them and do not accept any “guide speak”. Remember that they are constitutionally unable to answer any question in a clear fashion. They do always speak the truth, even if “only from a certain point of view” so sometimes the “real” truth takes a little digging to unearth. They like this game.


It helps if you are driven.

A strong need and will to understand and achieve is critical to your success. Be aware that if you become too driven that it will slow your development in the later stages of development when you are learning to manage the mind. As with everything – moderation is the key.

According to my guides, I am obsessed with development. This did require some work at times to achieve some balance but it did speed things up in the early times.


It is always helpful to see the funny side of any situation, even those that are somewhat warped. This improves your energy and makes the job of your guides more pleasant. It also helps you through the tough times.

Quiet the Mind

The first step is to quiet the mind. A busy mind cannot direct a life.

The conscious mind directs the subconscious, which acts as a channel to communicate with the higher self. If the conscious mind is all abuzz, the noise is too great and too constant for any part to the system to connect intelligently.

Think of a whispered conversation at a rock concert with the volume turned well past up. If you are lucky, you will understand 1 word in 5.

This is exactly the situation with the subconscious trying to listen to a noisy consciousness. Since the subconscious is the connection to the higher self which does the magic – manifestation, telepathy etc. – no clear message = no results.

What happens instead when the conscious mind is quiet – it is easy to communicate? Our abilities become available as you can hear yourself think and so you can also hear others think. Manifestation works, telepathy works – it all begins to work.

Clear Blockages

Think of your bodies as a complex piece of plumbing. Water can only flow through pipes that are not blocked or crimped. The most common blockage is denial – “I cannot do that” – will stop you cold. You are literally fighting yourself. Your energy cannot flow, so nothing positive happens.

Another blockage is fear. This will also stop you cold as you have instructed the system to fail. Fears come in all sorts and flavours. All are false.

Most blockages are emotional and mental. In order to progress, all blockages must be cleared. To progress the energy must flow.

This step is very necessary. It involves working with each of the bodies and the full energy system to connect them cleanly and remove any dross. The Chakric and Haric system connect the bodies and make this possible. To do this work it is critical that a teacher has the relevant experience. Too much power at way too high a frequency = POOF! The skin is relatively untouched, but the body inside is rapidly converted to a lump of carbon ash – not good!

About Conscious Living - Water Barrel
Water Barrel

The bottom line is energy flow

When the energy flows freely, we are able to achieve our goals.

This is all about the health of our energy distribution systems. If our energy systems are blocked by erroneous beliefs or toxicity, then the energy will not flow, as it should. When we are living consciously, we are present to take advantage of opportunities and guidance given to us.
Let us examine a number of common energy blockages.



Anger reduces the ability to function effectively.

If a person is angry then their energy is not clear nor is it flowing freely. We cannot think clearly and will inevitably create a situation for ourselves that will require expenditure of energy to correct later. This truly is a waste of life and opportunity.

If we feel anger, we must immediately look within and identify the program that has been transgressed. It is very likely that it has outgrown its usefulness and needs some corrective work done.


Fear reduces the ability to function effectively.

For the purpose of example, consider a person who has a fear of snakes. All is well until a person sees a snake, then they experience shortness of breath and begin to panic. They immediately drop out of The Now and their mental clarity is totally gone so their energy flow will be dramatically reduced. This will immediately reduce their ability to function effectively. Their options are reduced to fight or flight which is very limiting.


I define a hang-up as an inability to handle a situation easily.

Many hang-ups come from childhood programs that have not been replaced or a lack of self-trust concerning some situation or activity. Many people become seriously embarrassed when in the presence of someone who is naked.

The problem with hang-ups is that they are contagious. Remember, most morals have no real basis beyond being social controls. Are you unable to control your libido in the presence of a naked person or, more to the point, are you embarrassed for them? Why? They are comfortable, why compromise their development with your shortcomings?

Strong Dislikes

If we have a strong dislike of something then our energy flow will be compromised when we are thinking about that thing or are in its presence. Once again, why do we dislike this thing, person or situation? Do we have an old program running our behaviour?


Do not judge – Ever.

When we judge a thing or event, we are closely identifying with it and will attract more of the thing or event. Consider the requirements for manifestation and then consider the actions associated with judgement. They are a little too similar for comfort and since we feel stronger about things we judge negatively we will attract them more strongly. Manifestation is described elsewhere in this book.


  • It is imperative that our energy flows clear and free in all situations.
  • If our thoughts and feelings are in a whirl, how is our energy?
  • If our energy is in a whirl, are we in control of ourselves in the situation?
  • If we are not in control of ourselves, how can we look for the best outcome from the situation for all concerned?
  • If we are unable to identify the best outcome, how can we progress?

When it does not go right

We are learning machines and learn most from our mistakes and hard lessons. The fear of mistakes has two causes:

  1. Our education system’s need to rank our achievement rather than assess our understanding. Learning is not a competitive activity.
  2. Our fear of embarrassment or failure

Change your thinking! A mistake is only exploring an option that is suboptimal, nothing more. Simply say “Thank you, I now know another way not to do this thing”. My best learning has come from my mistakes. Thankfully, I have allowed myself to make many.

Remember – “I once thought I made a mistake, but I was wrong!”

Create the Antakarana

The Antakarana is an extension of the Sushumna. It flows above the Soul Star and connects the higher bodies. It is the path used by the Higher Self to communicate and later to enter the body. We must create the Antakarana, the Higher Self will not. It will strengthen it, but will simply refuse to create it.

The reason is simply common sense. To create the Antakarana we must be clear and free of blockage. Should the Higher Self create it and attempt to inhabit a murky physical body, we would instantly combust. Too much power at way too high a frequency = POOF!

Instruction is available to assist a student to commence this step.

Joy and Light

Once the Antakarana is complete, we need to upgrade the environment of the body set so the higher self can settle in comfortably. This is done using a specific technique, which can only be done after the Sushumna and the Antakarana have sufficient strength to handle the flow of excess energy. Have you ever seen a burst water main?

Instruction is available to assist a student to commence this step.


The ascension stage is only the step where our higher self is properly embedded. No big mystery. Our seat of consciousness has risen to a place where the higher self can connect using the Antakarana as a channel. All of the tricks are only the abilities of the higher-self becoming available here. The higher self can now reach to the physical plane. Not magic, just physics.

In Summary - About Conscious Living
In Summary

“Imagine having the ability to create your life as you wish it. A thing of beauty. The balance of fun and purpose is completely up to you. You understand that, to you at least, that life is only a tool, a whim. You use it as you wish and know that whatever you want, whenever you want, that you can have as much as you want.”