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About Conscious Living - The 4 elements
How the nature kingdom evolves and the task assigned them. The nature elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water team up to merge as a complete 4 fold. This a powerful being who must now choose between the Paths of Service and Being. How they are integral to the functioning of the Law of Attraction. A story of experience with nature elementals and learning how they evolve.

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On entry to this Octave of Existence the soul extension commences a number of evolutionary paths. These are:

  • The Mineral Kingdom
  • The Nature Kingdom
  • The Human Kingdom

Plants are of a higher order and are extensions of a much higher level.

The Nature Kingdom

If a soul fragment chooses the Nature Kingdom, it enters this level as an elemental spirit. Starting with Earth, it learns and evolves through Air, Fire and finally Water. The elemental “quads” that were created together from the same soul fragment then merge. Once it has achieved its four fold nature, it chooses a “specialty”.

Even though a specialist elemental is four fold, its primary strength is in its specialty. Being four fold grants them considerable wisdom, knowledge and strength. Do not underestimate these beings!

Do not underestimate these beings! A four fold elemental is roughly equivalent in evolution to a high human level 1 Master.

Four specialists then commence working as a team.

They then choose from the Path of Service or the Path of Being.

Path of Service

The Path of Service leads them to working with another being to provide “Elemental” services. They interact directly with the Grid to enable the Law of Attraction to function.

Path of Being

The Path of Being is the nature path. There is a distinct hierarchy of nature spirits. They are the basis of reality. For example three elemental nature spirits combine to form your body.

After four specialists have worked together for a time and have synchronised well enough, they undergo a form of merger and become a Deva. A Deva has a number of career paths, and so it goes onward and upward.

It is quite possible for entities to change evolutionary paths. I personally know one Deva who has accepted apparent demotion to start the path of human evolution. A new Deva is roughly equivalent to a beginning third level Master on the human path.

I was on a development camp in semi desert Southern Queensland, for a week, some 30 years ago.

Over this period I was raised considerably and remember working with the nature kingdom and others. I particularly remember one nature spirit who was about 4 metres in diameter and 1.5 metres high and resembled a box jellyfish. It floated about 500 mm above the ground and had many thin tentacles about 750 mm long. Its task was to assist the germination of seeds. What I could see was a small flash of light every time a tentacle touched a seed.

I could also see the stream of energy being fed to it from a higher nature spirit above it. The higher nature spirit evolved the lower by raising the frequency of the energy it was providing the lower. The frequency was maintained at the top of the range the lower could handle and process.

Eventually the lower spirit was to replace the higher and allow the higher to move up the ladder as it was receiving a higher feed to evolve it in turn. This is how we all evolve.

We have a set of nature guides who have achieved their 4 fold nature and specialist status.

These people are truly loyal and beautiful, not to mention mischievous. They learn by service (and our mistakes) and eventually achieve a merger into Devic form.

They assist us to understand the Law of Attraction by providing manifesting services. As my youngest son put it, they are the creators and we are the “idea-ers”. They will also provide other assistance to us if our guide team believe it to be in our best interest.

In the interim – leave a comment or two – who knows, it may create a chain of thought that assists a lot of people, including me!



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