about conscious living - karme

Karma is that set of experiences necessary for us to learn the next lesson in our path. It is one of those things that is very misunderstood – until it hits you between the eyes.
Many see it as payback. I see it as directed learning. Experience these events to develop the skill and understanding to achieve an outcome. This universe is only interested in experience and learning. Payback is pointless unless there is a clear lesson in the suffering.

Karma is the difference between where you are and where you want to be

Many people see Karma as a form of payback for misdemeanors of the past. True – only if the misdemeanors came from a failed learning. The emphasis is not payback, but directed learning. I doubt strongly that the lesson is “Don’t do this”!

In order to learn a lesson, to gather a new skill, there are certain exercises granted us. We may need more strength or a specific understanding. Karma presents us with that set of experiences. As we work through these we gain the necessary skills, strength and understanding to achieve the learning.

So what does that mean? We are like children in a school with life as the classroom. It is a great opportunity to learn life skills which translate to mental and spiritual development.

Our primary desire is to move on and learn the next lesson.

We already have a set of tools developed by previous lessons. We want to learn the next one. What life experiences will teach us the necessary skills without leaning excessively on past methods?

This is Karma.

As we move through the various stages and experiences of life, we learn and grow – if we do not pass then we get to do it all again until we do. I have noticed though that if we repeat a lesson, that it is presented in a harsher format next time to really get our attention. This life will not progress until we get through this learning phase.

If we seriously make no progress, then the lesson is set aside for the next life in the series – but we do not get to move on either.

Karma is that set of experiences necessary for us to learn the next lesson in our path.