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Parallel Existences

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There are not as many parallel existences as you would believe, but there are quite a few. They tend to bud off the main line only as a result of major events or choices. They lead to split experiences which mostly merge again after death – sometimes before if the event or choice was of a lesser nature.

I am not sure about their relationship as they also contain Loops and  are a form of loop themselves.

The annoying part of this system is that it is difficult to remember the events of these other parallels and when you do it is so easy to get confused.

As mentioned when discussing This Reality, mental memory is time related and spiritual memory is above time. Parallel existences are rooted in time so it is only possible to gain memory between them only when operating at a spiritual level – there is occasional leakage however.

The big trick here is to be aware of the possibilities. Once that is achieved, this structure can be quite useful. There is no great step of ability required, merely the acceptance of this into our personal reality – and of course the desire to explore.

True Story

I was working in Sydney, project managing the development of a large computer system. This involved regular shuffling between offices at Penrith and Westmead. Linking these two is a 20km carpark most of the time. A drive that should take 40 minutes tops often took a couple of hours. This necessitated a certain amount of planning to attend meetings etc at each end.

This particular day, I was running late and drove down onto the expressway (read carpark) and realised that it was running even slower than usual – damn!

Having just being made aware of the possibilities of the parallel system, I considered this to be a grand opportunity to try it out – nothing to lose. I asked for assistance.

The expressway was suddenly clear of traffic and I made exceptional time to the Penrith exit. While I was driving up the exit ramp, I felt a full body shiver and looked back to see the expressway in full carpark mode.

It was totally full and stalled.

It took me a few moments to realise just what I had been shown.

The moral of this story? – well I am nothing exceptional so this ability is available to all who care to embrace it. The first step is to accept that it is possible and feasible. The next step is to try it out.

I have discovered that we do receive assistance in the early stages of each learning, after that, we need to develop the skill and confidence to achieve these things unaided.

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue this as a series of posts.



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