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What is a phase?
Consider a matrix of n sided figures stacked in an n dimensional space so that each is touching n other figures. Each face is a separate reality with all of the usual properties, parallels, time, frequency, size etc. Now change one fundamental physical property in each phase. It may be the speed of light or the action of gravity, it totally varies so as to grant us a whole new set of experiences.

This one is a little more esoteric and possibly less relevant. Just to add a degree of difficulty and complexity, we have a phase system tacked on to everything else.

Let us consider the effect of changing a fundamental property – take the speed of light. When the speed of light varies, so does the frequency of the time border. Time will now exist at a higher or lower frequency. This will have some interesting effects. Consider moving mass without any acceleration.

Gravity is an electromagnetic effect and its strength and speed properties would vary.

It is possible to travel between the phases, but I can only do this in dream state at the moment. One of the perks of being aware 24 / 7. I do remember a lot more now.

I only add this for the sake of honesty and completeness. It has little if any relevance to this life that I have discovered to date – apart from opening the mind somewhat.