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Esoteric - About Conscious LivingThis one is simple common sense, backed by observation.
First thing to understand – some of us can see a little past the end of our noses. Picture an atom – a nucleus with a set of electrons in orbit – look familiar? Change your viewpoint and you have a planetary system or even a universe if you up-scale to a molecule.

Back in the day when I was learning to improve my psychic abilities (they are a learned thing) my teacher said to place my mind into a crystal and look around. This was one fascinating exercise. I felt the crystal energy but also felt a resistance like pushing a balloon. Being me, I gave it a mental shove and pushed through. What a sight.

Stars, planets – a whole galaxy of them. I was looking at a whole new set of worlds and bundles of creatures living in open space. I approached the nearest and zeroed in on a planet. A bit different to ours but similar in so many ways.

I wanted to test this some more so I approached the atomic layer of the planet – guess what – the same balloon. I pushed through and was met with a similar sight. A whole new universe.

So what does this mean? Life exists at many levels. Creation is a little larger than I had thought. I have followed this up and down quite a ways – enough to know that it is either circular or infinite – not sure which.

How do we use this? – Not sure we can – but – it does expand our thinking a bit and that can only be good.