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The Nature of Nature

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Nature would have to be the most misunderstood force on the planet.

The nature kingdom consists of a very large number of highly intelligent beings undergoing their own path of evolution. They each have a unique set of duties to both maintain life on the planet and to move things in a specified direction. Nature has a plan extending over millions of years – they will follow it to the letter – they must.

They are not hostile to the humans of the planet and will lean our way to assist us, if it does not compromise their requirements. That is as fair as it can be. We either work with them or learn the lesson the hard way. They would very much like to create the possible utopia if humans would only allow it.

They do communicate – regularly – we simply refuse to listen. Who can blame them if they get a little sour on us for our bad behaviour. A great ally their force can be.

Here is one example – true – I promise.

I lived on 40 odd acres of windy, hilly country just outside of Hobart. My land is covered with a light scrub that burns about every 4-5 years.
A new neighbour – medico, unfamiliar with the ways of long dry grass and strong wind decided to save on lawn mowing by burning the hill in summer. This was asking for a bush fire that would have taken a number of houses, killed many animals and left us in an ash-bowl for a year.

I am respectful of the nature kingdom and do communicate with them often. I was watching the neighbour and considered that if he burned his own house only then OK – but this was very unlikely.

I asked the local Deva for assistance to contain the fire. He asked what I wanted done. I asked for the fire to be STOPPED. Within 30 seconds, a line of fire some 50 feet (15 Metres) long in 30 mile (50 km) per hour winds just – stopped. I had a look later and saw tussocks half burned – that is how quickly the fire was stopped.

There was much confusion about how this could happen – I said nothing. At other times, I have had large fires come rapidly up to my house fence and stop there – without burning the fence. Nature does look after its friends.

The take-away here is that not only is the nature kingdom friendly, but they are willing to help us – IF we show respect.

There are quite a few different races on this planet. Mankind is too arrogant to recognise their existence. Something to do with our theology. The nature kingdom is only one of these.

Help us they can.

In the interim – leave a comment or two – who knows, it may create a chain of thought that assists a lot of people, including me!



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