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Time is frequency dependent, it ceases to exist above the mid astral. Now there is an opportunity – part of our existence experiences time whilst the remainder does not. We use time to protect us while we are learning skills that are potentially hazardous so that when we have mastered them, we can use them where instant manifestation is important.

The trick with time is that because we are close to its border, we can bend it. We can make it run fast or slow or even step outside it – whoa that is a whole new topic we will approach later. We can also move backwards or forwards in the time line – we do that every day as well.

Have you ever felt a wet Sunday just drag on? Or listened to a boring lecture on some subject that really does nothing for you? Or been in a car crash and watched everything in slow motion. Tell me now that time is not variable for us! This is not too esoteric!

OK – so what is the science behind time?

Time is a function of rotational velocity. Consider the atom – it apparently has a core (nucleus) and a mob of electrons spinning around it – nothing new there. Think on this – as the speed of electron approaches that of light, time dilation begins to show itself. After the speed of light, there is no time. Einstein got that right.

To utilise time we only need to speed up the vibration of our body. Once above the time barrier, we can choose the “where / when” to return to. That’s all folks.

It is not as easy as I have made it sound, but that is the basic principle. Unfortunately, the leaders of physics theory have a problem with anything out of the usual – something to do with funding research grants more than likely.

Bending time only requires a much smaller amount of energy as we are not travelling through the barrier – merely approaching it. Energy of a physical frequency will not help here – you need to go a little higher – up to mental. We are using another of the fundamental laws of the universe.

Effort of a higher frequency will overcome that of a lower frequency.

I will explore this in more detail later.

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue this as a series of posts.



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