A phrase everybody knows,but who understands it? Christianity and Islam came upon this world with fire and sword and their impact upon the nature religions of the New World was devastating.

The New Age philosophy returns the gentler, more female aspect.

This conundrum has faced mankind many times – every time we move from one age to the next. Ask the Bull priests of the Minoan culture as the age of Taurus closed. Ask the minor religions of Rome and the Middle Eastern countries as the age of the fish came crashing in. Do not expect utopia – we are not there yet!

So what is this New Age?

  • Is it associated with the precession of the equinoxes? – that is the root cause but it is not all.
  • Is it associated with the “World Government”? – yep – that is one effect.
  • What about Globalisation of trade? – yep – that finally leads to the one world government.
  • Is it some new religion – very much so – but not in the way people think about religion currently
  • Is it a power grab by the establishment? – yep – they too have their part to play before they fade into history

All of the above are really only features of the new age. So just what is it and why has it upset the world so?

Every part of this world and even the nearer worlds have a part to play here – every part and everybody. Step back a moment and view the changes as part of a larger scheme. Each age has a specific set of lessons for this child of the Earth. The naked ape is not so clever, but it is learning.

Once we understand the reason for the changes, the effects will become clearer. When this happens, we can take advantage of them. Which would you rather be – the stone in the surf being ground down to sand or the cork riding the waves?

The one thing to understand here is that every part plays its part – whether it likes it or not.

World Government

Looking forward, we do need a world government. Globalisation of trade is the first step in that direction. The establishment are pushing for a world government to increase their own power base. Great! Someone needs to do it. If they are doing it for their own reasons, so be it. In a short time they will fade into history and we will have a functioning world government – one that maybe will level the playing field somewhat.

I see overproduction of food and incredible waste just to feed the small percentage of the population in the so called first world while the remainder are starving. This brings to mind the inequities of the feudal system and the systems prior to that that were slave based.

That passed, this will too.

  • The Age of Taurus was supported by slavery.
  • The Age of Aries was supported by military subjugation.
  • The Age of Pisces was more commercial in nature.

So what is coming our way?

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius is a mental age. The age will be based upon understanding. The new “religion” will be based more on the understanding of what is – not just at this level but all of the levels that affect this level.

Do not expect utopia – we are not there yet!

We can expect to see a rapid influx of technology (this has already started), a more equal and communal lifestyle. The signs are already here.

Then some sort of crisis followed by a return to the land, a much lower population and increased self suficiency.

After the dust settles and the ecological realities are finally accepted, we will have a global village society that:

  • has its basic needs of food and shelter met as a given
  • is closer to the needs of the planet
  • has a much lower population initially
  • has moved on from physical violence to mental violence
  • shows its dissension at a mental level

Definitely not utopia – but an improvement.

In order to ease our passage into the “New Age”, we need to understand where we are now and where we are going. There will be surprises as the planet is also undergoing her changes as well.

The random factor will be the off world effects. In part they will smooth the way, but they will also stir up different dilemmas.

Overall, we are going where we are going – aint nobody big enough to stop that.

Watch, learn and be nimble!

I would quietly suggest a return to the land and self sufficiency. The supermarkets will not be with us for much longer so do not plan on continuing to use them as the pantry.

In the interim – leave a comment or two – who knows, it may create a chain of thought that assists a lot of people, including me!

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