There is so much written about the coming changes. Either an effort to cash in on people’s ignorance and fear or to push some theological wheelbarrow. Both have an unacceptable measure of control built in. Do this or pay me and I will save your soul, your life your … YUK!!

OK – we do have some fairly large changes coming – so much so that I doubt those born in 50 years will understand our current way of life at all. That is not a bad thing – merely the next chapter in the life of the naked ape.

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WOW this is an interesting one!

I am reminded of the old Chinese curse

“May you live in interesting times!”

It is all in the way we view it. I would not wish to live in a stagnant culture – boring as hell.

Looking Backwards

Aside from the major cycles of the root races,  we can look backwards and see lots of changes we have made in this cycle – each a total rewrite of our then society.

  • Hunter Gatherer Society
  • The Agricultural Revolution
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Age of Information
  • The Great Turning – (That’s us now)

Hunter Gatherer

OK a quickie – the change from Hunter Gatherer to Agrarian was a huge upheaval. Some bright spark (probably one with sore feet) worked out that if we were to grow grain the animals would come to us and we would not have to chase them. This led to a village society instead of a nomad society. Plenty of scope for unrest there – the nomads considered the wider range to be theirs – the villagers considered the valley to be theirs.

Agricultural Revolution

The village society became more efficient at growing crops and raising animals for food as well as work. Their numbers grew in proportion. Rudimentary trade led to the creation of excess goods for trade. People had enough food and shelter so had a surplus of time to consider improving their comfort.

Trade commenced in earnest.

Industrial Revolution

With the exception of some border squabbles, this continued for some time until another bright spark in England thought of using water wheels to power a mill to make goods. Thus was born the factory. He then needed people to assist him manufacture. People now had a choice of work for food – serf style or work for pay – employee style. This turned society on its head.

The thing to remember here is the force of the establishment – they resist change.

The landed gentry in England and Europe owed their social position to the food and goods created by their tied labour. If that labour had a choice to leave and work for their own future, the gentry would suffer – thus the Industrial Revolution. This change was finally completed the work the great plague started – the labour shortage led to the demise of the serf system.

Labour became a commodity with a price.

When there are recessions / depressions / upsets always look for the sector of society that resists the current change. They are usually rich and powerful and afraid of loosing it.

Information Age

Look at the movie companies now – the free trade nature of the internet is a major threat to their OLD way of thinking – thus the big thing about copyright and piracy. If they were to look ahead a bit they would see a major opportunity just sitting there for them – but they won’t. This is a classic example. Big oil and the pharmaceutical industry are two more.

We have amplified the effects of the changes by using machines (computers) to control machines. Think how much computers have changed the way we live. Try and get a white collar job without computer skills!

The Information age has been short but brutal.

Great Turning

Now the planet is undergoing her own changes and growth. This is  coinciding with one of our larger changes. Both are the result of the one cause though. More on that later.

So, what now

We will have to be a bit lighter and quicker on our feet to ride this wave as it has quite a few interrelated aspects – a higher degree of difficulty if you will.

Do not consider this to be the end of the world – merely the beginning of a new age (pardon the pun). Aquarius promises to be a most enlightening age with a great opportunity for technological and spiritual advancement – look how far we have come in the last 100 years!

In the interim – leave a comment or two – who knows, it may create a chain of thought that assists a lot of people, including me!

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