For the email process to work for both parties (our valued client and us) it must be friendly and Spam Free. We take Spam very seriously and dislike it as much as you do.

With this in mind we are using an Opt-in system that requires you to confirm that we do truly have your permission to send you our emails and grant you membership. The procedure is simple and goes as follows:

Should we have future emails with information that we feel would be of benefit to you, we will send them to you. We wish to make it clear at this stage that we will never send emails for the sake of sending emails.

To retain our relationship with you it would not be beneficial for us to pester you with a constant flow of emails. As we value our relationship with you we will only ever send you emails of value.

As a further commitment to this Spam Free policy we always include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each and every email that we send you. This makes you the person in charge of the emails. If you do not wish to remain on our mailing list simply click on the link and our system will unsubscribe you immediately.

To further assist you we have also established an Unsubscribe email account, should you wish to send us your unsubscribe request personally. To be removed, from our system, using the email method, simply send an email to admin @ aboutconsciousliving. com.

This email will be actioned within 24hrs and you agree for us to send you one further email. This final email, from us, will be to inform you that you have been removed from our system. This way you have validation that your request has been actioned.

Remember you are in control and we are here to assist you in your development not hinder you with negativity.