The Emerald Tablets


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Thoth the Atlantean

There is some confusion as to the Emerald Tablets as two texts claim this name. They both are attributed to Thoth via Hermes but contain differing content.

There is an interesting history here. The original tablets were reputed to have been created by Thoth and left in the pyramid of Cheops under the guard of the pyramid priests. When the political situation became unsafe the tablets were taken to an Atlantean colony in South America as a symbol of priestly authority. The container for the tablets was left in Egypt to be discovered separately.

The Cover for the Tablets

My understanding is that the covering verse was supplied to Hermes by Horus who was an instructor to Thoth in his early years. It has formed the basis for the Hermetic (coming from Hermes) philosophy.

This is the short and famous verse inscribed on the container of the tablets. It is generally believed that a student needed to first understand this verse before being introduced to the contents of the tablets.

This is necessary but I feel a little harsh as it would take a number of lives or at least one very long life to understand just the cover, let alone the tablets.

The Emerald Tablets

This is the information scribed on the tablets themselves. More on this in The Tablets.

The version I present is “A literal translation and interpretation of one of the most ancient and secret of the great works of the ancient wisdom” by Doreal. Doreal is a pseudonym meaning “Do Real”. Little more can be discovered as I have found no real reference beyond the pen name. I have found an unsubstantiated reference to a Maurice Doreal being the name adopted by one Claude Doggins as head of the Brotherhood of the White Temple, an occult fraternity headquartered in Sedalia, Colorado.

Doreal was a member of one of the mystery schools who was tasked with relocating (stealing) the tablets and re-uniting them with their container which was left in Egypt when the tablets were taken to South America.

It is very likely that Doreal was a member of one of the more traditional mystery schools from his style of writing and the concepts hinted at. Each mystery school does tend to mold the thought processes of its students in its own way. This affects the choice of words and their order and so can be identified as almost a signature.


As the Emerald Tablets were created by a spiritual technology they are not language based. They appear to be written on a form of green gemstone.

In order to make them useful past his time Thoth set them up to echo the meaning of the inscription into the mind of the “reader” when touched – the ultimate form of braille.

To read them you need only to touch the symbols and the meaning appears in your mind. The only limitation with this form of teaching is that it uses concepts already in the mind of the reader. Whilst this is a protection for the reader it is hoped that the interpreter was well versed in things esoteric.