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Law of Abundance

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To use the Law of Abundance is not obvious but simple. Intent, Desire and Commitment. Shortage is only in the mind as a result of poor thinking.
Physics has long known that the universe is made of energy – nothing new there. The new thing is how to use this energy. There is more energy available than we could ever hope to use, and more is being created all of the time.

Shortage is a false limitation

When you understand that all things material were originally formed in the mental level first, then allowed to take shape in the physical material level, a whole new world opens.

Does this sound a bit esoteric? Think of it this way – before there is any item available to us, we have thought that we needed just that thing. The thought creates the shape and the item is made. If the item is new then the thought will create a demand for the invention of the item.

Nature abhors a vacuum – so the development of a desired item must follow.

There is effectively more energy available than we could ever hope to use, and more is being created all of the time

The Law of Abundance Explained

Esoterically speaking – The Law of Abundance states that there is infinite energy available for the Law of Attraction to use.

This is a simple one – all you need to do is understand that there will always be sufficient raw materials available to create your desired outcome.

There is no such thing as a zero sum game

Many people consider finance to be a zero sum game. They argue that I have money invested – If I win then someone loses. The sum total is zero – My win = their loss.

This is very rarely true. Take the case of a young couple building a house.

The couple exchange their money for the house. They get a house that is generally worth more than they paid to build it so they win.

The builder receives more money than the house costs to build – he wins.

The tradespeople get paid for their work – they win and pay the green grocer for some food – he wins.

Now the couple have their house, the builder has his money, the trades person has his money, the green grocer has his money.

This adds up to a lot more wealth than just the initial stake money. This is the Law of Abundance at work.

The only time nobody wins is when the flow dries up and money does not change hands.

In the interim – leave a comment or two – who knows, it may create a chain of thought that assists a lot of people, including me!

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