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Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual Growth is one of the primal drives of mankind. Deep down everyone wants life to be better, to have more understanding and control of their personal environment.

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The reason is irrelevant – it may be altruism or greed – but a little more money, better health, better relationships definitely would not go astray.

Happiness shows that the smiler has cleared the connection with their divine aspect or higher self. When in this state a person may achieve just about anything they desire.

Spiritual growth equates to happiness.

Happiness shows that the smiler has cleared – at least for the moment – the connection with their divine aspect or higher self. When in this state a person may achieve just about anything they desire.

A happy person has higher energy levels and is clearer so is better able to use the extra energy. Happiness is the goal of all life. Persons seeking money, revenge, a pretty wife, a rich husband, improved social status etc only do so through a desire to increase their happiness level.

Spiritual growth and Religion

Spiritual growth is generally associated with some religion. This is somewhat of a misnomer.

There are many versions of the same truth in existence – everyone wants to improve their connection with the divine in some way. Religions generally describe the path found by one person.

Once we realise that in a very real sense that “we are all one”, life simplifies.

I have not yet met two people who can agree on a religion – even the more fundamental cultists. Everyone believes according to their experience – they may use the same words but when questioned deeply their ideas differ. This is good. It is the way it should be.

Our state of evolution defines our needs and our path to the divine. We are all in a different place, we have had different experiences and therefore our belief structure differs.

The Aspects of Spiritual Growth

There are a number of discrete but related steps associated with spiritual growth.

  • Clearing fears and phobias
  • Increased health
  • Abundance
  • Unconditional Love

Clearing fears and phobias

Fears are usually associated with a chakra. If a chakra is compromised then energy is reduced or blocked to the associated body. This process is needed to allow a clear energy flow to all parts and bodies.

Increased health

When the fears are cleared, the unconscious (basic self) is relieved of a considerable burden. It is then able use the newly available energy to assist us to improve the health of our body and mind.

With increased mental and physical health, the subconscious connection is clearer and the higher self is able to communicate clearer.


Improved communication between the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the higher self or super-conscious mind leads to a simpler manifestation process.

Opportunities come more frequently and we are more aware of them. We can now take advantage of any opportunity presented. This improves the financial and relationship aspects of our life.

Unconditional Love

The next step in this section of our evolution is to discover unconditional love within ourselves.

This need not be such a large step. Once we realise that in a very real sense that “we are all one”, life simplifies and those people who previously bluntly put “annoyed the crap out of us” are just aspects of us who are less evolved and will in time improve. We can assist this improvement by showing them love.

Sometimes tough love is required though.

My studies have led me to believe that the journey never ends – there is always at least one more step to take – one more thing to understand.

Leave a comment or two – who knows, it may create a chain of thought that assists a lot of people, including me!

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