The Water Crisis

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The Water Crisis is REAL

Water crisis or water scarcity? As part of the planetary weather changes, fresh water is at risk. This need not be. The supermarket is the pantry and water comes from a tap. Meat was created wrapped in a plastic container.

For whatever reason most folk simply expect their services. Common sense and nature awareness play no part here.

The supermarket is the pantry and water comes from a tap. Meat was created wrapped in a plastic container. Any problems in another part of the world, even in their own country are only entertainment in the daily news. Here today and gone tomorrow, forgotten as some other news captures their attention.

That is just television – it could not affect me!

The largest cause of water shortage is the clearing of forests. When a stand of timber is cleared, the protection granted the ground is gone. The wind is able to dry the soil. Dry soil does not support other plants so they need to be irrigated. This diverts water from the rivers and washes salt into the groundwater.

Salty groundwater is lost groundwater. The salty groundwater rises and kills the soil – time to move on and do it all again.

Food Production

The water cost to produce the western diet is very high. Producing 1 kg of animal protein requires 100 x the water needed to produce 1 kg of grain protein and 11 times more energy. In the US 84% of all freshwater consumed is used to produce animal protein.

Rivers and Lakes Dry Up

Many of the rivers important to our food production and water supply are drying up. Often this is due to redirection upstream. Other causes are weather related. Increased temperature is causing melting of glaciers and snowfields. Often the ice and snow are not being replenished due to climate change. Highland water is reducing leading to less and less water being available in their rivers and lakes.

Where is the Water Going?

Overall, water is not being destroyed. It is going elsewhere. Our key to a happier life is to find just where it is going.

It would appear that the sea is a net winner. Look at lowland countries like Holland and Bangladesh. Both are experiencing many more floods, and those floods are stronger and cause more damage than they have before.

The sea donates water to the air by evaporation, which is deposited as rain when the wind is forced upwards over coastal mountains (orographic rainfall). The difficulty here is caused by the changing temperatures. More of the water is being dropped near the coast, drying the air flowing inland. This is creating increased “rain shadow” areas. The inland lakes are not being filled. The high mountains are not receiving as much rain and snow to distribute as creeks and rivers. You can see the cycle.

In the Interim

Keep your eyes open and be aware of what is happening and what is likely to happen in the near future. I for one would not like to be in a large city when the tap water turns brown then runs dry.

As the survivalists say – “Be out before the Gridlock”. The sentiment here is somewhat negative BUT they do have one thing right – be prepared, be alert and be aware – and most important – take intelligent and immediate action.

It becomes important now to understand the rules, to be very observant and aware.