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A Need to Know

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A phrase bandied about in military and spy movies – I mean something totally different!

Do you have a deep NEED to know, a burning desire to understand, an unsatisfied curiosity?

You will never know unless you move toward understanding – you must seek the answers aggressively – This will set in motion The One law – The Law of Cause and Effect. Your desire will fuel the creation of opportunity to access the knowledge and transmute it into understanding.

The process that many call manifestation.

Do not even try to guide or help it come

you will only get in the way.

Only those with a burning NEED to know will ever understand – the others may even be presented with an opportunity, but will dismiss it from lack of interest – it is not important to them. That may change later and they will wish they took advantage of the opportunity.

This comes under the heading of living your life with fire, with passion.

So, there will be times in your life when you feel the Need to Know. Not petty stuff, like who people are talking to, or what they are discussing or even what they think about you and yours. That has no real meaning in life. Expend your passion on something truly worth while. A bigger question – the other stuff will fall into place of its own accord without any effort from you.

Be the adult here – do not sweat the small stuff.
How many other ways has this been said?

Another overused expression – If you truly want something, you must ask for it. The universe does not understand words, it only understands desire. Desire comes from need.

What I am saying here is that there are no hidden secrets – they are all out there in the open – just be a bit more observant. If you have a burning need to know, you will start to notice the clues that lead to understanding. Have you ever noticed that when you are about to buy a new car (for example), suddenly, that type of car is everywhere? You never noticed it before – nothing has changed – except your mind.

The answers will come, they already are here, it is up to you to notice them.

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue this as a series of posts.

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