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Attitude is Everything

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Attitude controls your thought processes, which in turn control your reality Your attitude will filter the events you experience. If a person is in a totally negative frame of mind, he or she can be walking down a road paved with gold and see only dirty yellow stone. Alternatively, they can be skipping down a yellow brick road on a beautiful warm day and notice perfectly ripe fruit growing on the side of the road.

Attitude is EVERYTHING!

A fairly sweeping statement but one that is true – literally. Consider this – your attitude enables you to see or miss opportunities. If your attitude is superior and dismissive, you will not see many of the little golden nuggets placed in your path. They are beneath your notice.

OK so what are the mechanics if this? BTW it is another clear application of the Law of Cause and Effect!

Your attitude will filter the events you experience and your take-away from each event. For example: if a person is in a totally negative, poor me frame of mind, he or she can be walking down a road paved with gold and see only dirty yellow stone.

Turn that around – if someone is in a positive up-beat mood and enjoying the beauty of the day, listening to the birds and enjoying the blossoms on the trees, he or she will notice the one delicious ripe piece of fruit placed just there for them to enjoy.

Which is the person most likely to succeed?

Look at it another way.
Attitude is the only thing we truly have any control over.

Worst case scenario – If you were in a medieval prison hanging off the wall in chains, your physical world is fairly controlled, you cannot move too much and it is definitely not advisable to be too cheeky to the guards – they assuredly do not have a sense of humour.

What freedoms remain?

You can still think what you wish and you can maintain a positive attitude. Who knows – your constantly happy mood will lead to friendly responses to the guards which will likely lead to a bit more solid in the daily gruel.

So hopefully, you are not chained to a cold stone wall. This does give you a head-start in maintaining a happy, positive attitude.

Just remember – Attitude is the one thing that you truly have any control over and that same attitude is what creates your future.

Think about the Law of Attraction – an upbeat mood has much more energy available than the other. This will create many more nice things / situations for you. Ever had one of those days where you could not put a foot wrong? Bet you were in a great mood!

An upbeat day = a high energy day = all things good in your life for the day.

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue this as a series of posts.

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