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An Example of Evolution

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Here is a story about evolution into our octave of existence. An Octave of Existence is a frequency range that has been prepared for experience. Evolution is controlled by choice. We make a choice at each level. When a soul extension gathers sufficient understanding and power, it will seek access to the octave above, initially to visit then to take up residence.
Evolution is controlled by choice. We make a choice at each level.

There are many Octaves of Existence below us that have been vitalised.

When a soul extension gathers sufficient understanding and power, it will seek access to the octave of existence above, initially to visit then to take up residence.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I am no stranger to esoteric experiences. I have had my mind stretched well past the mundane.

About 18 years ago in Canberra

I was leading a development group of about 160 people. The more advanced group of 20 or so met each week in a park barbeque area. For some reason, a few of them decided to use an old ritual to open a gateway to the level below. Predictably, they got results (more knowledge than sense).

I was not aware of what they had done the previous evening until I was confronted with a 12 metre tall dark being. The guilty parties confessed their actions as they were seriously panicking as IT HAS COME FOR US! IT IS GOING TO STEAL OUR SOULS! SAVE US SAVE US”

My response was to tell them to vacate the park post-haste. I approached the being to determine the reason for its presence. I know that visiting the higher levels is the action of a well evolved soul.

 I was not about to lock horns with this giant. I suggested reasonably that I understood why he was here, and that he stay within the boundaries of the park, respect the environment and leave after experiencing the sunrise. Think of the spectacle of a bright sunrise to an entity who had lived in a permanent low light environment with no variance, no day & night. Surprisingly he agreed to these constraints.

I understood a bit about where he came from. The octave below is the origin of the “Death” figure. The primary purpose of the residents is to accumulate power. They are gathered in herds and followed by a group of “Deaths” complete with the black cape and scythe.

They cannot see their herders but can feel them as they progress. In this way they are driven like sheep between one pasture and the next. The purpose of the herders is to terminate the life spark of their charges at its highest point so that they may be reborn and conserve their spiritual energy.

There is a strong lesson here – “Do not judge”.

When a certain threshold of power is reached they are able to visit the higher octave and continue their evolution. Some of our Archangels perform a similar function for us.

A short time ago my daughter, son and I were approached by a high being to perform a relay channel. The high being wished to contact an entity from the Octave of Existence below, who was ready for promotion.

Because of the number of Octaves separating them, the high one was not able to contact the lower directly (or more likely thought it would be a good exercise for us). My son was able to communicate clearly with the high one and my daughter was able to communicate with the lower – down is harder than up as you have to carry the link.

I accepted the easier role of guardian of the portal. After a time of communion the lower entity was promoted and placed in the high astral frequencies. He immediately was transferred to a hospice to recover from his ordeal. This lasted some weeks for him and a few seconds for us.

The astral plane is astride the time barrier.

We were able to converse with the newborn as well as the high one for a time.

As he had worked hard and accumulated a lot of power he was able to skip directly to the high astral and avoid the “Earth” experience of density. The spirit we assisted was the same one who visited me in Canberra, hence his compliance with my request.

The higher being was a higher version of the four of us. The entity we assisted was part of us in the Octave below us. Because of the sameness we were able to connect more easily.

From this exercise we can see that those above us are willing to help those below, as it is a form of self interest. We also were able to better understand the oneness of all.

The other lesson here is that we are here to experience as many lives and realms as possible. We are experiencing life from the perspective of the human kingdom; others have chosen other paths in order to make the experience for the “Highest Expression” as full as possible.

In the interim – leave a comment or two – who knows, it may create a chain of thought that assists a lot of people, including me!



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