About Conscious Living - Refracted light

Esoteric - About Conscious LivingThere are an infinite number of frequency bands or vibrations. The obvious ones are sound and light. There are way more. We live within a fairly limited set of frequencies. We feel solids because both frequencies are close. We hear and sometimes feel sound. We see light and feel the lower part of that range as heat. These frequencies are very close compared with the range of Octaves of Existence. When we range up through astral, mental spiritual and causal, the numbers become fairly large.

This one will be interesting – you can either get the head around it quickly or it will take a long time. Depends on your initial programming when you were young and how open your mind is to new concepts.

If you are open to the concept of other life sharing the planet with us, then you are well on the way.

Let me propose a theory:

Octave of Existence - About Conscious LivingThis is ONE frequency band. Science tells us there are many, many more. Moving up through frequency spectrum, we enter a dead zone (a void) before entering another more active range. At each range, there exist entities with a full sensory apparatus appropriate to their frequency range. This goes both up and down.

OK – how do I know this? Every culture and every people report the presence of unseen intelligence. Now if only a few reported this I would be asking about some interesting substances being smoked or refined and ingested. EVERY culture has reported this. Every religion is based around it. They are not all smoking the same weed.

How do we practically use this knowledge? Once we have quieted our mind, we are more likely to experience the edges of our neighbouring frequencies. This will often come in the form of thought and feeling. When this happens, examine your feeling reaction to it and if positive then take good note.

As an aside – The important thing here is to note that fear is an impediment to an enquiring mind. It may have served our ancestors well when they were cat food, but we have progressed a bit since then.

What is the take-away here? We are not alone here and there are many others who have a higher knowledge – there it is again “higher” – who are assisting those who are ready. BTW, this assistance will be a major advantage in our management of the coming changes. Not a religion folks – just common sense.