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The Nature of the Body

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We have many subtle bodies. This article explains the bodies and gives you an idea what the Astral Body, Etheric Body, Mental Body, Spiritual Body, Causal Body look like to some people.

I see some of these bodies.

Others are as described to me by those who have traveled further on the path of enlightenment.

Table of Contents

The bodies reside at many frequencies. Different levels need different tools so the senses were evolved. The frequency zone around each of these senses grows more specialised and becomes a functional component body. Each body becomes a node of consciousness with its own sensory organs. Here we describe some of the more local bodies, their purpose and function.


The bodies cover a large number of planes of existence and the body has optimised itself to process information at each of the active frequency levels. Different levels need different tools so the senses were evolved.

The frequency zone around each of these senses grows more specialised and becomes a functional component body. The component bodies become more complete and complex at the higher frequencies as they have existed longer and there is more happening there. The lower bodies are still exploring density and so as scouts in new territory are relatively rudimentary.

“Fear exists in the mind alone”

Traci Harding – The Ancient Future

Our Signature Colour

All individuals are different as we are a combination of our origins, achievements, and desires. We have a signature colour, which is unique to us and appears in most of our bodies as an identifier. Flecks of the colours of our teachers and our aspirations are transitory and define where we are in our development at the moment. The flecks change while the signature colour remains unchanged.

The Bodies

The body is a more complex energy field in a much larger energy sea.

Each body serves to report upon the findings of the senses in the frequency zone it inhabits or is centred upon. Its only purpose is to report on experiences at that level. Each body needs some sensory apparatus and an energy flow to function. As the body grows more complex it also creates some storage method to record experiences. In the physical body set, this is memory stored in the aura.

There is a barrier beneath this Octave of Existence to prevent experience of the lower octaves until the personality is sufficiently mature and integrated. This makes good sense, as the lower levels are still fairly rudimentary and primitive.

To date I know of the following “component bodies” in the immediate vicinity:

  • physical
  • etheric
  • emotional
  • etheric template
  • astral
  • mental
  • spiritual
  • causal
  • celestial
  • ketheric template
  • mastermind

Do not worry if the following images are not exactly what you see. As we evolve, our perceptions change and the bodies appear differently. This is a function of viewpoint.

The Physical body

The physical body is the expression that we are most familiar with. It is the skin and bones version.

The “Non-Physical” Bodies

About Conscious Living - etheric body

The Etheric Body

The etheric body is less of a body and more of a template. It shows the energy flow of the physical body surrounding the physical body by about 2-3 inches and is light blue in colour. The physical body is a result of the etheric body. Change the etheric body and the physical body must change.

About Conscious Living - emotional_body

The Emotional Body

Concerned with feelings, this body is the one that shows red with rage, green with jealousy etc. Its colours vary from brilliant clear hues to muddy tones depending upon the emotion being displayed.

About Conscious Living - etheric_template

The Etheric Template

The etheric template defines the physical, etheric, and emotional bodies. It is the “slide” and the bodies are the holographic display.

About Conscious Living - astral_body

The Astral Body

The astral body is the first truly different body. It resides in the astral plane above this fundamental plane. This body in conjunction with the mental body provides the base for the psychic senses.

About Conscious Living - mental_body

The Mental Body

This is the body associated with thinking and intelligence. It is relatively easy to travel with and to see things with “the mind’s eye”.

About Conscious Living - spiritual_body

The Spiritual Body

The spiritual body is the mind.

About Conscious Living - causal_body

The Causal Body

The causal body is only visible to non-masters as a semi-transparent light gold sheath and for our purposes, it contains and holds all of the bodies together. It is a repository body for all the other bodies it emanates a brilliant red, green, white and gold. It holds all that is relevant from the other bodies and bring about the understanding (true) of the other ones. The causal body sits above all others and gradually feeds out our understanding of the others.

The Celestial Body

This body corresponds to the “emotional” aspect of the spiritual plane.

About Conscious Living - ketheric_template

The Ketheric Template

The Ketheric Template is the template for the whole set of bodies. It is accessible and programmable to effect healing or morphing.

The Mastermind

The mastermind is a merger of all incarnations / lives. It has a separate personality and can function as an individual or as a series of components. It is possible to talk to the mastermind as well as any of the lives.

I have no image for this “body” as the group tell me that they will not sit still for the photo. When I have spoken to them they have appeared either as a group of bright lights or as a series of physical people. I believe it is determined by what they consider appropriate at the time (what my mind can handle), and mine are the masters of mischief so I will not know for some time.

The Energy Systems

About Conscious Living - chakra_system

The Chakra System

The chakra system provides connection between the bodies. Each chakra provides a link to power each connected body and to carry information and instructions. It functions similarly to the windings of an electrical transformer, which draws power from a central core and provides separate feeds at different frequency and voltage. The rear or will feeds provide communication whilst the front or power feeds provide access to needed energy. You may locate your own chakra positions easily. Take the distance between the point of the nose and the point of the chin as a separation distance. Start at the perineum (the point midway between the anus and scrotum or vagina), this is the location of the root chakra. Measure one distance from the Root to the Caudal chakra, another to the Solar Plexus. Skip one here as this spot is used by the guides as a plug in point. The next is the Heart, then the Throat. Skip the chin and the nose, then it’s the Brow or Third Eye, the Crown and then the Causal. The Sushumna is the vertical tube containing the energy flowing between the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras. Outside of this, the tube extends both up and down. The upward section is called the Antakarana, which connects most bodies up to the Causal level. The downward section is called the Antirenun and extends downward to the energetic core of the planet. The location of the chakras appears to have changed over the past 200 years as humankind has evolved.

About Conscious Living - haric_system

The Haric System

The Haric energy system services the celestial and physical bodies. It provides the Ki or Chi energy much used by martial artists. This system consists of the Laser Line, the Tan Tien, the Soul Seat and the Id Point. I have been requested to leave the details of how and what this system does to your guides.

About Consciouys Living - core_star

The Core Star

The Core Star services all bodies. I have been requested to leave the details of how and what this system does to your guides.

about Conscious Living - in-summary

In Summary

The body is the organ of experience within the reality. It reports its findings to the consciousness via the mind. This journey is a learning experience and we determine how pleasant the journey will be.

Everyone sees the differing bodies differently – tell us about your experiences. It will help us all – that is what the comment space below is for.



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