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The Loop System

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After the other posts in this category, this one is mundane!

I call this the Loop system where we get to try, try and try again until we get it right. Linear time is a limited resource, for most, there are only 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour.

This is not all that true however. What I see happening is that we start at day 1 and do our first try at learning some life skill. We get to a point where we either fail utterly or have a somewhat poor understanding. We need to do better but burnout is the result of someone going at 110% for 110% of their time. It does not help.

So the only obvious thing to do is to go back in time and do it again – and again – and again – and again until we have both gotten good at it and we have experienced all permutations and combinations. This gives a GOOD understanding of what we were learning. Before you think anything – I can prove this one. This results in the Mandela Effect.

You gotta work by my rules to do so however.

My first proof is deja vu. How many times have you remembered being right here before?

That is the first proof.

The next is a beauty – stay with me.

Mental memory is time based, spiritual memory is above time.

By constantly observing, we can notice the subtle and not so subtle differences of the end conditions of each loop.

The rules are that if we return AFTER we leave we have a clear time line and so retain memory. If we return before we left, we have a broken time line and cannot remember at this level.

Spiritual memory records everything but is not accessible until we are operating at that level.

Observation is our only tool here.

Be on the lookout for discrepancies – we are talking to someone and the sun is just – there. A moment later, the sun is still just there – but – the cloud beside it is now elsewhere, a lot bigger or gone. That car chugging up the hill over there has changed from red to blue.

Our friend’s hair is longer or shorter, or her jeans have a small hole where there was not one a moment ago. Sounds silly, I know – but – open your eyes and observe. These discrepancies are how we notice things – you will see many of them once you start looking. It is a belief thing – do not believe and you will dismiss the proof.

A classic that I often use when discussing this phenomenon is an experience I had a number of years ago. I had just filled the car with petrol and reset the trip-meter – it was 974 km (long range tank on a Toyota 4wd). I drove around the corner to the bakers (some 200 yards) and noticed that the trip-meter now read 957 km and the tank needed filling.

OK that is cute – I clearly remember resetting the trip-meter. What had happened was that a closed loop had occurred and I had no memory of it. I remember the end condition of a previous loop but not the events of the past loop.

I am sure that you have all had that type of experience – particularly along the lines of “I just put the car keys on the table a moment ago!”.

Belief can open the consciousness to all sorts of new experiences, and make all sorts of things invisible if they “cannot exist”.

The key to growth and understanding is observation.

I am sure that many of these odd experiences have occurred – tell us about some of them. It will help us all – that is what the comment space below is for.

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment if you would like me to continue this as a series of posts.



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