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The Conscious Self

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The conscious self is the thinking part of us – the I AM. It is the part that we are most familiar with and apart from the body, usually called “Me”. It is responsible for intellect, discernment, decision making and the majority of actions of the person.

Esoterically speaking, the Conscious Self is associated with the Mental body and the Heart Chakra.

The Relationship of the Conscious Self with the Basic Self

The role of the Conscious Self as regards the Basic Self is that of a protector, guide and parent. The unconscious manages the functions to support the body needed by the conscious mind to learn. It provides a platform for the senses and storage and access to memory. As mentioned in the previous page, the Basic Self communicates via feeling and emotion.

To understand and communicate with the basic self, the conscious mind needs to change gear and use feeling and emotion. The unconscious is very good at understanding what is wanted as it is constantly immersed in the flow of thought.

Here lies the evolutionary step. The conscious mind is cold and logical, the basic self is powerful but emotional. It responds most favourably to emotion and feeling. When the conscious realises that a little genuine love and care is needed, the basic self will provide just about anything.

This is the missing key to manifestation in the material about the Law of Attraction.

The basic self does not have discrimination, it is helpless here and needs the guidance of the conscious to determine what is right and wrong, harmful or beneficial. When I say right and wrong – this is not in a moral sense, right promotes advancement and wrong retards it – that is all – no discrimination – no morals (and none needed).

Without the guidance and protection of the conscious self, the basic self reverts to guilt and other limiting emotions to try to express to the conscious self that it is lacking fellowship and is concerned about the leadership of the conscious self.

The Relationship of the Conscious Self with the Higher Self

This is not obvious at all. One important thing to consider is that you cannot communicate directly with the higher self. In order to communicate with the higher self, you must go through the basic self. Be very clear – watch out for Chinese whispers.

This ensures that development follows the path of connecting with the Basic Self first as the primary goal of the Higher Self is spiritual advancement of the conscious mind. In order to achieve this, the conscious entity must embrace unconditional love.

It also makes sense given a moment’s thought. Until the relationship with the basic self is clear and strong, the conscious self cannot access the higher senses as connection to them is managed by the basic self.

Prior to conception, the higher self has mapped the path through life for the conscious self to experience and learn. This includes the formative events, karma and most opportunities.

Thus the higher self provides the transcendent aspect and guides the conscious mind in a hands off manner. Opportunities are created then left in the path of the consciousness to either ignore or run with.

If the conscious component is too insensitive (ie not in tune with the basic self) then most opportunities are simply not noticed.

What does it all mean?


The conscious mind needs the basic self as it cannot function properly in isolation. The basic self contains the mechanism for rapid manifestation of health, relationships and material items but it must be instructed / requested properly by the conscious level what to provide and when. Without a properly formed request the basic self cannot see clearly what is needed.

This is where self esteem and self worth enter the picture.

If we want to manifest say a blue china cup, the basic self gets the message “I want a blue china cup”. The basic self relays that to the higher self who does his or her stuff and creates the opportunity.

Along comes doubt. “I am not worthy of a nice blue china cup” – the basic self says to the higher self – hold up there – don’t need it now.

The consciousness again says – yep I am good – “I need a blue china cup – or would a red one be better – or maybe green? but I do like that nice pale blue, but am I worthy – blue china is pretty special – I would like it though”.

Have you ever tried working with someone who is chronically indecisive? It can drive you crazy!

Go around this loop a few times and the basic self and the higher self sit back and say “tell me when you are ready and know what you want!”

Once the correct relationship is established with the basic self, the higher self can and will then provide more opportunities for the conscious self to express itself in this world.

Leave a comment or two – who knows, it may create a chain of thought that assists a lot of people, including me!



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